The Venus Transit

The Venus Transit


An explosion of advanced musical composition, thrown into an erratic chaotic type live show. Music that you AND your mom can enjoy. It's when Top 40 collides with Post Hardcore, and what is left of that madness is the beauty of The Venus Transit.


The Venus Transit was formed as a four piece in the summer of 2004, basically a bunch of high school kids with a love for music jamming in a garage. (Who hasnt heard that one before?) But as time went by the band began developing a particular sound which not only intrigued them but dazzled the hearts of fans all throughout Virginia.



Written By: The Venus Transit

Where will you be when the silence falls?
Peacefully asleep in your bed.
Shaken by nothing you get up, only to find that its gone.
Will you follow me all the way
to the sky?
Will you follow me all the way down?
Will you follow me all the way
to the sky?
-Verse 2-
Where will you be when the transit glows?
Peacefully asleep in my bed.
Shaken by absence i get up.
Only to find that your gone.
Why cant you understand?


Self Released EP: A Moment of Symmetry

Set List

Our set lists vary, but normally average 45mins- 1 hr. The Band is currently working up covers and new originals in hopes to play solo gigs running from 2-3 hrs.

Set List for Dec. 14th

Yesterday (is over)
Over Me
Lets you love
Earth's Colors on Cardboard