The 'Verb

The 'Verb

 Seattle, Washington, USA

The 'Verb plays instrumental surf with a garage rock attitude and a British beat while wearing stylish suits and playing blonde Fender amplifiers.


The ‘Verb is Seattle’s most aggressive, yet well-mannered surf band. In their first three years, the ‘Verb have established themselves as a prominent band in the surf genre with an ambitious show schedule and an ever-expanding catalog of material. With a penchant for 60s pop melodies and influences ranging from the Everly Brothers and the Zombies to Ennio Morricone and Dick Dale, the ‘Verb caters their music to a mainstream audience.
Although surf music is often attributed to the baby boomer generation, the ‘Verb’s members are all in their early 20s and the band’s fan base consists of predominantly young listeners.
In 2007 the 'Verb released their debut full length album "Reverberated...for your Pleasure" and performed to packed houses on the West Coast. Recorded at Seattle’s Studio Litho and mastered by Ed Brooks at RFI, the sixteen track LP contains everything from waltzes to punk infused numbers. Clocking in at just over 40 minutes, the album’s no-nonsense, hook-laden tracks provide a fresh take on surf music.
2008 looks to be the 'Verb's most productive year yet, with a second LP in the works and more touring on the horizon.


The Wrath of the Mercenary EP - 2005
Reverberated...for your Pleasure - 2007

Set List

Our typical set contains a combination of original tunes and a few surf favorites and normally lasts about 45min, although we can play far longer sets.

Typical Setlist:
Bikini Sunrise
Flight from Atlantis
Suspense in Sector Seven
Swim Trunk Shakedown

We Must Be Caustion
El Capitan
Order 66

Squad Car
The Mercenary Rides Again
We Never Speak Anymore
Caveat Auditor

Boogie at the Beach
The Mercenary Rides Alone into the Sunset