The Vercos

The Vercos


The Vercos is a folk-influenced rock band that explore topics such as American culture, marriage, and traveling experiences through a lens of a Christian belief system. Their music feature talented guitar patterns, catchy bass lines, and tasteful drums that combine to form a unique music experience.


The Vercos began in 2003 as an acoustic guitar duo featuring Anne and Andrew Ditlevson. The pair’s distinct sound incorporated two different singing styles. Fleming's sweet and whimsical voice was offset by Ditlevson's honest rasp.

More recently the Ditlevsons have collaborated with drummer Jon Hunn and bass player and Dom Vercillo to make music that is more rock oriented than the folk-influenced origins of the group.

Although most of the members of the Vercos can trace their musical roots to worship music, they feel their current band allows them to explore broader musical and lyrical themes. In the tradition of bands like Pedro The Lion and Lovedrug, they explore topics such as marriage, popular American culture and traveling experiences. Although the religious themes are not always obvious in there music, they feel that their beliefs act as the lens through which they articulate their observations.

The Vercos live show showcases the band member’s diverse influences as well as their unique take on modern rock. They have played the same stages in Ohio in cities like Akron, Cleveland, and Columbus as other national touring bands such as Lovedrug, Colour Revolt, and The Old 97’s.

Their debut EP is set to come out in late summer of 2008. It features the culmination of nearly a year’s worth of writing and instrumentation and is the strongest representation of The Vercos’ music to date.


The Vercos - Self Titled EP (Summer 2008)
"Stars & Galaxies" - Featured song on local college radio stations.
"Again" - Featured song on local college radio stations.

Set List

Typical Set List: (depending on length of set)
"Do You Love Me?"
"Surf Camp 2010"
"Snow Angels"
"Sleep Again"
"Stars & Galaxies"
Typical Set List Time: 1 hour

Optional Songs to Lengthen Set:
"Sleep Tonight"
"You are Not Alive"
"String of Pearls"
"Jump Back"

Possible Covers:
"Friday I'm In Love" - The Cure
"Talk Tonight" - Oasis
"The Dock of The Bay" - Otis Redding