The Verge

The Verge


The Verge is a rock band that derives their unique sound from many genres including funk, jazz, hip hop, psychedelic, soul, and blues. The sound is very positive and is always truly grooving.


The Vegre is a young funk and rock band that is proving to be one of the best new bands around. With their hands down, FIRST PLACEwin in the Muzak, Heart and Soul Foundations Battle of the Bands their career has been caterpolted into override. The Verge has been referred to as the next band to watch by Muzak executive, Bruce McKagan (brother of Duff McKagan Guns & Roses & Velvet Revolver). The Verge members are Desmond Myers on vocals (who has been referred to as a prodigy by John Tosco and Glenn Tabor) and lead guitar, Dylan Stobbe on the bass, Brent Bilyeu on the drums. During their first week of playing their were featured during a two hour set at Crossroads Pumpkin-Fest (2006). They are preparing to go to Charlotte for their first full demo at Gat3 Productions., with help from Muzak producers, Joe Carter (Joe Public), Lou Mondelli, Smitty, Lafouji Alexander, Shaun Davis and Bruce McKagan. The Verge thrives on all of the support from folks like you!!!! Some of The Verge's past performances include:
Crossroads Pumpkin Festival
New Salem Christmas Bash
Various Birthday Parties
ELMWOOD New Years Eve Bash (two days)
Muzak Battle of the Bands (First Place)
Beatles Tribute-SPIRIT SQUARE-Charlotte
GAT 3 Productions
Art in the Park
Gardner Webb College
La Dolce Vita (House band)
Delany's Sports Bar-Statesville, NC
The Evening Muse-Charlotte, NC
Westville Pub-Asheville, NC


.exposition. EP,
Muzak, Heart & Soul Foundation DVD (First place winners)
Short untitled demo home recording
GAT3 Recorded Single
FINNALLY OUR FIRST REAL E.P!!! Currently in the works!!!

Set List

As we are a fairly new band; our Typical set list contains about 60% cover songs and 40% original. The cover songs we preform are usually Funky redinditions of classic rock icons such as Jimi Hendrix, and Led Zeppelin. Also we preform songs by Modern Heroes such as John Mayer, The Red Hot Chili Peppers; as well as some Motown favorites like James Brown, and The Temptations.