The Vertebrates

The Vertebrates


Imprecise pop songs


The Vertebrates are a three-piece band from Providence, RI. Their sound is assembled from the shadowy, oblique aspects of Echo and the Bunnymen and the Pixies, the bright, knives-on-steel guitars of Big Star, and the beautifully simple melodies found in the music of the Velvet Underground, and Wilco. These elements along with a fondness for playing dice with their musical universe, generates a raw, yet formal musical texture.


Three Years Next Fall

Written By: K. and A. Vert

someone levelled the land
someone buried the gold
raise your glass up to the past 'cause
that door will never hold
you always seem to write me when I miss you most
they cut off all supply lines to the homes on the coast

I haven't been there in years
she really lets me know
haven't been there in years
it'll be three years next fall
haven't been there in years
sell off the family homes

great white shark
teeth so very, very sharp
high distress the full court press
is tearing up the zone defense
don't even ask me how we got here
we don't know ourselves
kick that interloper in the

haven't been there in years
she really lets me know
that seems to be just one field
i've never felt right to sow
haven't been there in years
desecrate the stones

Late in the 13th Round

Written By: K. and A. Vert

here we are again
to crash the car through walls
we can't ascend

the wind is down, the ax is ground
i'd rather have a dollar than a friend

trace the call, the witness drowned
knocked out late in the 13th round
went off the air, the lights went out
we lost sound

got yourself against the wall for me

sin's our last defense
here we are to reap
the darker glands

to shade our eyes from starry skies
i'd rather have a bottle than a friend

Rhythm of the House Keys

Written By: A. and K. Vert

I sing a song to the rhythm of the house keys--a hymn of our home

Coming back to the door late and languid--soothing in sound

The days the come and go like a June breeze--remember desire

The pond is swelling and brimming with new life--unscathed inside

I sing for you because you never ask me to
And someone like you should be sung to

Raging waters the run so shallow
Raging waters they run so narrow

Our home is this home that stretched a little heave of white--forlorn, forthright

Leaves and branches protecting us from the bite--of the night


Surf Drive-3 song EP
Feed the Fire-- 3 song EP

Set List

12 song set list:
let it out
summer's gone
we're coming up
coming around again
rattle the lights
restless engines
threshing stone
comfort for me
rhythm of the house keys
empty th elders
a cover

approx. 45 minutes long