The Very Loud Noises (formerly 7th street saints)

The Very Loud Noises (formerly 7th street saints)

 Rockford, Illinois, USA

The Very Loud Noises music is ALL original and has a unique sound. It’s music you can really dance to. It's FUN! Genre: alternative, funk, rock. We’re ages 19-20 but can please any crowd. We're a high energy live band with great stage presence. We pride ourselves on our originality.


The Very Loud Noises is an alternative/funk trio hailing from Rockford, Illinois comprised of Clayton Dunlap (guitar, vocals, sugar daddy), Justin Adam (slaps, vocals, alien abductee), and Shane Bradley (skins, vocals, snake charmer). We all sing lead for various songs through out are catalog, which gives each tune a different vibe from the other (we pride ourselves in our originals). We make exciting, energetic, easy-to-dance-to music comparable to the styles of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Incubus, and Sublime.

We’ve performed all around the Northern Illinois region including venues like Kryptonite, Davis Park, The House Cafe, Mary’s Place, Giovanni’s, and events like On The Waterfront, Cherry Valley Days, RAMI Youth Charity Jam ’09 (2nd Place), Rocktoberfest, and a whole lot more.

We love to play, and it is very apparent in our live shows. Our music displays a versatile array of genres and styles because that’s all we know. We love music and we love lots of different music, and it’s this culture that really separates us from many other one sided groups. We are an alternative, flannel-funk, down and dirty, groove-a-licous type of band, and we can’t wait to play for you.


Demo - Not a girl, but not quite a woman.

Set List

Your Dirt
Band Introduction (song)
Indian Gypsy Jazz
I Know a Lady
Superstition/Sir Psycho Sexy (Stevie Wonder/Chilli Pepper Cover)
Hee-Hah Shirley Temple
Burning Daylight
Take Me Out (Franz Ferdinand)
Paint Grandpa's House
Last Night (The Strokes Cover)
Barbeque Revolver
Hot Pants!
Jazz Rendition

Our sets are usually one hour and a half long.