The Vespertines

The Vespertines

 San Pedro, California, USA

We are a California based Jazz, psychedelic rock band with a new captivating sound.


The seeds of The Vespertines were sown when bassist Kyle Cavaness met drummer Chris Walker in a short-lived blues-rock group. Not content to be chained to one genre, the rhythm section worked its way through several different bands throughout Southern California while honing a strong, groove-oriented sound that would become the foundation of The Vespertines. The addition of Alex “Thrillhouse” Kater began to fill that sound out, since Kater shared a love for jazz, funk, rock and reggae. The three began to jam and create new music in Walker’s garage, but the final piece of the puzzle wouldn’t arrive until vocalist and Feed the Feeble trumpeter Vanessa Acosta joined up for what was planned as a guest spot at a hometown show in Long Beach in May 2009. Vanessa decided to remain with the band shortly after, and The Vespertines have been writing and performing throughout Southern California ever since. The band’s urgent and unique sound blends a diversity of musical tastes into one seamless powerhouse that will continue to work and grow.

Set List

1. Roundhouse
2. Trifectoid
3. 11 8
4. Trigger
5. New Brain
6. Disfaction