The Vespertines

The Vespertines

 Long Beach, California, USA

Long Beach’s The Vespertines are that rare act capable of combining jazzy atmospherics with explosive rock power without wandering into wankery. Although their talents are sharp enough to construct complicated swirls of dub, prog rock and funk, their songs remain delectably coherent and digestible to the last note. -Nate Jackson, OC Weekly


The Vespertines played their first show at a crowded Long Beach coffee shop in May 2009. The band combines an action-packed, genre-busting mix of indie rock, jazz, funk and reggae, all wrapped around Acosta's raw, emotional vocals and occasional jazz-trumpet freakouts. The band released their first EP in late 2009, titled Gravity Optional, recorded at Long Beach's Compound Studio with Anthony Arvizu (The Mars Volta, Cold War Kids) and kept pushing onward, playing countless local shows anyplace they could fit a microphone into. In 2011, following a successful West Coast tour, the band returned to the Compound to record One Last Time Around The Equator, an album that "explodes in a combination of energy and harmonized jazz fusion" ( In 2014 the band decamped to Joshua Tree’s legendary Rancho de la Luna studio (Queens of the Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys) to craft Areté, their second full-length album, released in September of that year.

Recorded with producer/engineer Eric Ryan (ESR Studios), Areté channels and focuses the band’s boundless energy into tightly-crafted, pull-no-punches tracks like “Bottle Buffalo” and “Clematic.” A live video for the latter was recorded in a Long Beach warehouse by Ryan and director/photographer Sinisha Nisevic

Putting the final touches on their latest tracks the Vespertines will be releasing their new EP Moretto, Winter of this year, 2016.  

The Vespertines have had successful residencies at Orange County's Detroit Bar, (The Wayfarer), The Observatory (Constellation Room), and Harvelle's Long Beach, where the band curated weekly shows featuring artists such as Big Sir (f/ Juan Alderete of The Mars Volta), Jeremiah Red, C-GAK (of RX Bandits), and Long Beach artists Free Moral Agents (Ikey Owens of The Mars Volta), Bella Novela and MODE.


Moretto EP, TBA 2016
Arete, Released 2014
One Last Time Around the Equator, Released 2011
Gravity Optional EP, Released 2009

Set List

1) Oats & Honey
2) Sweet Fire
3) Caballero Tranquilo
4) Bottle Buffalo
5) Miasma
6) Bright Colored Masques
7) Get Back
8) Clematic