An eclectic fusion of rock, blues, and jam band genres that comes togther to create a powerful guitar forward sound that can't be ignored.


The Vestaceras are the brainchild of Miles McDonald's and Max Weinberg's basement jam sessions that has witnessed an evolution to become a well-blended rock-rooted group comprised of the youthful energy of 4 college lads on a journey to revive the pure elements of Zeppelin era rock and roll. Heavily influenced by more contemporary groups such as The Black Keys, The Raconteurs, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, along with classic bands such as Zepellin and The Who, they are the basis of the bands inspiration to make music. Led by the scream of McDonald's eerily beautiful blues style guitar, Weinberg's fast, steady drums and Reynold's energetic vocal performance, The Vestaceras have a truely signature sound amongst a world saturated in a homogenous punk/pop fixation.


EP- Under the Stairs (2008)

Set List

1. So Are You
2. Red
3. Broken Sticks
4. C as in Cat
5. Whiskey Tango
6. Walk & Stumble

1. Communication Breakdown by Led Zeppelin
2. Bang Bang as performed by The Raconteurs