The Viatones

The Viatones


Blayze Viator and The Viatones are a "retro-spectrum" of Rock n' Roll, Blues, and Folk, played with high-intensity and lots of electricity. Their high-energy live shows are always well-recieved by crowds of screaming, dancing fans.


Blayze Viator (age 22) and The Viatones have been drifting around Nashville for over 5 years, staggering into nearly every bar and venue of both decent and ill repute. The band of 11 years has been privileged enough to perform at every premiere music venue in Nashville, with the exception of The Ryman Auditorium, (including Mercy Lounge, Exit-In, Municipal Auditorium, 12th & Porter, 3rd & Lindsley, City Hall, Vanderbilt Auditorium, The Trap, etc.) on stages graced by the likes of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, The Band, Johnny Cash, and many others. They've been featured on every major, independent, and college radio station within a 50 mile radius of Nashville. Very well traveled, The Viatones have played throughout TN, Kentucky, Alabama, and Louisiana, as well as SXSW in Austin, TX. In '07 and '09, The Viatones were fortunate enough to play at Vanderbilt's Rights of Spring Music Festival, alongside The Kings of Leon, Old Crow Medicine Show, The Flaming Lips and many others. Inspired by artists of days long gone, this band marches against the tide, and to the beat of a different drum. While the band has acquired a reputation for playing everything from Blues to Folk to Cajun fiddle tunes, their forte' is their own ecclectic brand of grungy, twangy, vintage Rock n' Roll.

The band was formed in 1998 by Louisiana natives, brothers Dylan and Blayze Viator, along with best friend Kirk Cristoloveanu on drums. Having cut their teeth on 50's/60's rock n' roll and folk music, the sounds of Bob Dylan, The Beatles, CCR, The Byrds, and many others have always been present in their songwriting. Making their Nashville debut in 2004 (with guitarist Darius Mohammadpour) while still in high school, the band climbed its way up into the city's best venues. Over the years, the group has been constantly evolving, musically and physically. In 2006, the group lost founding member, bassist Dylan Viator, to a very untimely death after he asphyxiated in his sleep at age 21. After the tragic loss, the group played with many local musicians before finding mulit-instrumentalist Mark Sloan (keys, lead-guitar, mandolin, fiddle, banjo, pedal steel, etc.) In 2009, Blayze Viator and The Viatones bid farewell to Nashville and rellocated to Lafayette, LA where they've already began to stir things up.

The band has written and recorded two full-length albums, "The Tin-Can Sessions: Vol. 1" (2004) and "Vol. 2" (2007; rec. on Music Row at Willie Nelson's Compass Records). Although they have received offers from a number of independent record labels, including NYC's Rainbow Quartz Records, Nashville Noir, Theory 8, and Spat Records, The Viatones remain unsigned. Like drifting driftwood, or a tumbling tumble-weed, there's no way of knowing where they might end up.


Africa is the Home of Denial

Written By: Dylan Viator and Blayze Viator

You've got every little thing to hide,
and I know you're burning up inside.
You've got something to get off your mind, and you pretend you're doing just fine.

I can see it in your eyes;
You're fallin for your own lies.
Now it's just too much to believe.
Now it's you who's being deceived.

Don't lie, Gomer Pile;
You can only pretend for a little while.
Don't laugh, don't even smile;
Africa is the Home of Denial.

There ain't no use in denying;
You're alive but you're still dying.
Well I wish that you would realize,
You can't deny it for all of your life.

When will you finally see the truth,
before it is the end of you?
It's gonna finally drive you insane;
If you'd look ahead it's plain as day.



"THE 10 CAN SESSIONS"-self-released in '05, recorded on a 4-track tape-recorder from '04-'05, using very primitive rec. techniques.

"Vol. 2"-Recorded at Compass Records on Music Row, former studio of Willie Nelson where he and The Outlaws recorded all of there albums; available in local record stores, online, and on itunes.

-The Viatones have began writing and recording Vol. 3 which will be released by the end of the year.

Set List

The band prefers to play all original songs for their shows, however they are known for playing spine-tingling covers by their favorite artists. Capable of playing any style of music (providing it appeals to there taste), it is impossible to know what they might break out with. Their average set is around an hour long, and it's usually comprised of their best songs to date, although they have played many 3-4 hour sets.