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"Sneaky Dee's NXNE 2007"

"...It's easy to envision The Vibrants on the cover of a magazine. And it's also easy to imagine them wanting to be on the cover of a magazine. From the freshly-coiffed hair down to the tapered vests and jeans, these guys play the rock 'n' roll part well. Though they proved that they've also got some chops to back it up..." - Chartattack

"Live Review - NXNE - El Mocambo, Toronto"

When I arrived at the El Mocambo at 11 pm on Thursday night, I could feel the buzz of NxNE excitement. Outside of the club, there were camera men set up doing live interviews, photographers taking pictures and swarms of smokers with NxNe schedules in hand deciding on which venue to hit next. I decided to stay put and catch U.K. buzz band, The Vibrants. And once they started their set, I knew I chose the right place to be. From the first jangly strum of the guitar to the dancey beat of the drums, these guys had my attention. Vocalist, Giles Farnham could have stood there and just talked all night with that sexy English accent of his. But he didn?t stand still for a second. Neither did each member of the band including the drummer and keyboardist.

They went through a high energy set with a few tunes resembling the modern stylings of The Killers and Franz Ferdinand AND they did it with rock and roll flare. This band has energy reminiscent of the early Who days. I was almost expecting them to destroy their instruments at the end of the set. To sum up the Vibrants: Highly energetic, sexy and fun!

Liz Lulu
- Spill Magazine

"Live Review - The Hobbit, Southampton"

looking like every other indie band floating about at the moment with their carefully styled hair and leather clad bods, what were these guys going to do to make me think that they were any different to the Libertine wannabees and Coldplay clones that are flooding the music scene today.

The Vibrants have a sound that is quite unique and unable to place. They could be Oasis or The Charlatans, yet their sound seems to be reminiscent of bands such as The Police, The Who mixed in a style that seems to suit The Vibrants down to the ground. Their sound is smooth and polished, the swaggering rhythms are bouncy and well arranged, however this does make you wonder if they're really rock and roll or just a slick run of the mill indie rock band.

The band launched into their first song filled with clattering guitars and windswept melodies coupled with an energetic stage presence that lasted all through the set answering my question loud and clear. 'Do It For Me' is a show stopper that seems to get the crowd going filled with plenty of hooks, and 'Beauty', a sentimental track held together by some brilliant bass lines and strong vocals is a nice contrast. They ended with a flourish amid a chorus of amps, crowd writhing and band rocking.

Frontman Giles and lead guitarist Sam make a formidable duo, rocking along projecting a lively and energetic stage show that had my foot tapping constantly. Their songs are ballsy laced with attitude and are backed up by emotionally charged vocals and strong lyrics. Their live show is a fist full of colourful, rich and energetic chaos that has you itching to get involved.

Poppy Westgate
- Notion Magazine

"The Vibrants EP Reviewed by Heathen Angel"

Rarely has a band been so aptly named as The Vibrants as it perfectly describes the songs on this E.P.

The Rolling Stones and The Who influences are easy to hear in each track as the London based 5 piece rip through 4 upbeat and uptempo rock tunes loaded with melody, hooks and crackling energy. 'Bullet' sets the scene perfectly with its throbbing urgency while 'Do It For Me' ups the ante further in a sub 3 minute ball of frenzied guitars, Hammond organ, caffeine overdosing drums and bass, and passionate vocals.

'New Way' and 'Beauty' are shot through with Police style reggae-ish guitars during the verses while the choruses are lifted up with twitching rock vibrancy that infuses you with the urge to lift your arms in the air and dance manically along.

This is a stunning introduction to The Vibrants, God only knows what their live show is like if their recordings are this high octane.

Scott Brown - Heathen Angel

"The Vibrants @ The House of Blues, L.A."

Our final act in the Main Room this evening is The Vibrants. Musical abilities aside, they’ve proven to be among the most genial companions at this year’s MUSEXPO thus far, always ready to toast a drink or share an amusing anecdote…which will hopefully be taken into account when I render this admittedly drunken report on their set.

So, now that I’ve made my way back to my gallery seat after the glorious finale to N-Euro’s set, I’m happy to report that The Vibrants possess a most pleasing sound, energetic, inspirational and…dare we say?…vibrant, for want of a better term. (Those in favor of truth in advertising will thus love this band.)
- musexpo.wordpress

"News: Fiat 500, Kelly Osbourne, Agyness Dean and The Vibrants"

Last night was an adventure and a half. I went along with my buddy Caroline B and Kelly Osbourne to the exclusive launch of the new Fiat 500 car at the London Eye. It was all very sparkly and star studded even by my standards. And the car looks nice too. Kelly’s looking teeny tinier than ever before BTW. Her quote of the night as she frantically grabbed her ample bosom was: “Look, I’ve got no tits. They’ve gone since I lost a few pounds.” Indeed they had.

I had the shock of my life as I was walking in - two of my old college friends Giles and Steve were up on stage performing with their band The Vibrants. They absolutely rocked and they supported the big acts of the evening The Feeling and Mika. Giles told me: “It’s our biggest date yet and we’re looking to get signed - so watch out for us.” I think the music world will indeed be watching out for The Vibrants!

Other big names at the event were Eva Herzigova (who was looking radiant and slim as ever after recently giving birth), Eddie Jordan, posh totty Jasmine Guiness, a stunning looking Jade Jagger, TV presenter and all style expert Hannah Sandling and my model pal Poppy Delevingne.

"The Vibrants @ The House of Blues, L.A."

This is what Lenny Kravitz would sound like if he were actually backed up by a band which played decent music he wrote. However, that’s Lenny’s fault and the chance for London’s The Vibrants to shine. Although the band’s vocals have that certain trace, they make up for it with their infectious hooks which accompany the great modern rock sound between Incubus and The Strokes. With a look that combined both casual and formal, the band seemed nonchalontly comfortable in their skin with such a small crowd in the Music Hall. However it’s not surprising for that to happen when a band is able to pull off great tunes like they do. For a late slot, their rockability had just checked in for the night. -

"Retaliate EP Review"

Twickenham London’s very “in” The Vibrants have put out an EP titled Retaliate for your listening enjoyment. These well coiffed and spiffy dressers are out to break into the scene and it is not hard to foresee a lot of commercial success in the near future for the guys. While some bands play the part of the rocker well but can’t keep the spotlight on them because the substance to their work is just not there. The guys of The Vibrants seem to have honed their craft to a formula of success. They have a sexy sound that will have the audience swooning all over the band’s repertoire.

A purely enjoyable end result of giving this EP a listen is a welcomed surprise benefit of their music and will lift your spirits with just the first few chords. With the high energy level and the indie sound, The Vibrant’s EP will appeal to many different spectrums of listeners ranging from the young to the old. The band also had a warm welcome at this years NXNE held in Toronto, and with their very energetic and toe tapping performance they have created a lot of buzz within the industry and on the streets concerning their sound. “I Won’t Sleep” shows off the very accessible and friendly rock/indie sound of the band. The song has a Franz Ferdinand-esqe guitar and very catchy beat along with vocals that compliment the music well. The band is definitely serious about their music and their enjoyment of the music they create is very evident in the good-time feel that is throughout the tracks. Retaliate certainly will give The Vibrants a push in the right direction and will aid them in their pursuit of a wider audience.

The songs on the EP are all very infectious and will have you tapping along to the beat without even realizing it. The Vibrants have given us just enough of a taste to have the listener anxiously anticipating a full length release. There is no real reason not to give this band a try, you might end up finding a new favourite or, worst case scenario, you waste a few minutes of your time.

Shannon Neeley


Retaliate EP - 2007 Limited Release - iTunes
Incoming EP - 2008



"...One of the most exciting bands of 2008.." Robin Burke, Absolute Radio

"...It's easy to envision The Vibrants on the cover of a magazine. And it's also easy to imagine them wanting to be on the cover of a magazine. From the freshly-coiffed hair down to the tapered vests and jeans, these guys play the rock 'n' roll part well. Though they proved that they've also got some chops to back it up... Chartattack NXNE Review, Toronto

"...Their live show is a fist full of colourful, rich and energetic chaos that has you itching to get involved" Notion Magazine

"To sum up The Vibrants: Highly energetic, sexy and fun!" Spill Magazine, Toronto

"...I can safely say these are probably one of the most energetic Indie bands doing the rounds in the UK..." Full Frontal Recordings

The band chose the name, The Vibrants, as they feel it reflects the music they play and the way they play it. It’s all about the energy this quintet from London exude that has people around the world talking about them.

With comparisons in the press to Razorlight, Bloc Party, The Charlatans, The Police and The Clash; The Vibrants consciously steer away from sounding like everyone else. The writing process involves every band member and with everyone’s different tastes and backgrounds, each song is worked on and crafted until everyone is happy with it.

Giles first met guitarist Sam Holt at school in Twickenham when they were 11 years old. They messed around in bands together until they went to college and things got a bit more serious. They met Steve Devlin, a bass player who, by his own admission, used to play way too many strings. After agreeing that a bass guitar should only have 4 strings, Steve joined the band.

The three decided they needed a keyboard player so put an ad in the paper. The phone was ringing off the hook. All the calls were from one person: “Hi, This is Laurence, I’m not a stalker, I want to be your keyboard player”. After one rehearsal room session, Laurence Langan became the keyboard player.

The line up was complete in October 2006 when James Hayward joined the band on drums. James was looking for a band and after listening to some Vibrants’ demos decided it was “right up (his) English country garden path”.

Since then, the band has gathered a large fan base in the UK, USA and Canada, supporting acts such as Badly Drawn Boy, The Subways, The Wombats, Ida Maria, Rotating Leslie, Athlete, Good Shoes, Everything Everything, Pull Tiger Tail & The Guillemots, Nine Black Alps and Captain.

The Vibrants started 2008 sharing a stage with Mika and The Feeling at The London Eye launching the new Fiat 500 a the show that was broadcast live on Virgin (now 'Absolute' Radio.

Other notable appearances include gigs and festivals such as Liverpool SoundCity, Edinburgh Fringe, Beach Break Festival, Canadian Music Week and North by North East, a festival the band has been invited to play 4 times.

The Vibrants have received airplay around the world including XFM (UK), Motor FM (GER) and many stations in the US. The band’s single ‘First Move’ was playlisted on ‘Passport Approved’ on Indie 103.1FM (Los Angeles, USA). The response from industry and fans was very positive. So in April 2008 the band headed over to California to embark on a West-Coast tour that kicked off at The House of Blues, Hollywood, for the music fair, MUSExpo.

Also this year, the song ‘First Move’ was featured on Sky One’s Soccer AM and ‘I Wont Sleep (Terrify)’ was personally chosen by Travis frontman, Fran Healy to feature on a Compilation of songs by new artists, put together by Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts.

This year will see them expanding their creativity and influence into a wider range of areas. The power and energy in the lyrics and the music are bringing in more fans who all eagerly await the band’s first album in early 2009.