The Vibrosonics

The Vibrosonics


Sounding like Buddy Holly fronting Judas Priest (with a little help from The Ventures, and The Stooges), The Vibrosonics place a new twist on classic sounds and create a new old-school style of rock.


The Vibrosonics are a 3 piece band located in Toronto's west end. They began their foray into Toronto's increasingly esoteric music scene in mid 2005. Since then, line up changes and the inevitable personal experiences of being in a constantly evolving band have transformed them from a quirky party rock outfit to a semi-aggressive, semi-polished, semi-sarcastic but completely compelling rock and roll force.

Playing high energy rock with pop oriented song structures, and an affinity for vintage rock and roll decorum, they are sure to get your motor runnin', by golly. It was not long ago that these young thrash abouts started their rough and tumble journey into the trap laden dunes of this modern rock wasteland, and now they have their sights on the biggest prize.

So, with their fists set to "rock mode" and their high octane riffs blurring the distinction between the urge to dance and the urge to have a seizure, they intend to make their mark.

So if you like any of the following: getting trampled by rabid music lovers, dancing, eating French pastry, books by Stephen Hawking, the smell of newborn kittens or a general aire of contentedness, then latch on to these stars, friends. They are on the rise


The Vibrosonics EP - 2005

Streaming tracks from our forthcoming album 'Youngblood' are available at:

Set List

Our sets are generally from 30 - 45 minutes long.

A standard 45 minute set would be as follows:

Growing Pains - 3:08
Blackheart Stomp - 2:57
At Night - 3:30
Fugitives - 3:32
Two Apart - 2:38
Blood on the Dancefloor - 2:11
Get Down - 2:08
Tiger Beat - 2:22
Until you return - 3:15

And on occasion we include impromptu covers:
Running With The Devil - Van Halen
Rock and Roll pt. 2 - Gary Glitter