The Vice League

The Vice League


What happens when a pop princess falls in with a nasty electronic crowd? You get insane parties where crunchy synths grope distorted basslines in the corner. And a shattered mirrorball spins wildly, throwing out catchy hooks like laserbeams over the crowd. Never ending, always going once more.

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Written By: Tim Hempton

This is the hardest thing that i have ever done
Cause you have no idea how bad this could become
Cause once you're in you're in forever
As we stand so we may fall together

I'm not what you're expecting
Not the one needs protecting
I'm just Nasty dangerous
Ch-check this thing you've started
Ch-check the rules departed
This game is Nasty Dangerous

So long you've spoken to my heart but i resisted
Always i pushed you back away but you persisted
Now it seems my vow is broken
And the weakness of my heart is open

Never before have I let through my defenses
any emotional threat that's so intense but
now i've embraced you the dangers that face you are
unlike you'll ever forget

Your life has changed forever now you watch your back
The dark descends, white turns to grey and grey to black
Side by side we stand together
We may die or we may live forever