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Nashville, Tennessee, United States | INDIE

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | INDIE
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"Lovers of Cyndi Lauper and Depeche Mode rejoice!"

This duo of friends (lovers!?) really hit the nail on the head with their interpretation of Cyndi Lauper meets Depeche Mode...awesome production on the demos and killer melodies. Watch out for The Vicious Guns. Comprised of ex members of Tuuli, The Von Bondies (MacIsaac), The Undercovers, The Stills (Roy) and Les Six (MacIsaac and Roy). - Cherryblaster 'Zine

"Lonely Vagabond LIVE Review (Toronto)"

“This duo carves out sleek garage-rock buzz that leans heavily towards The Jesus & Mary Chain, including elements of Joy Division and New Order. Sassy bassist/vocalist Jennifer captures unwavering attention, while Richard is the obvious driving force on guitar, perfectly complimenting her blissed-out vocals. With a dress-code that crosses into BRMC territory, The Vicious Guns rekindles that Creation Records spirit to crisp perfection.” – Lonely Vagabond (Toronto) - Lonely Vagabond (Toronto)

"The Independent (United Kingdom)"

"Bottle-blonde singer/guitaristJenny MacIsaac looks like a cross between Kenickie's Lauren Laverneand a punk rock Cameron Diaz"
- Simon Price, Manic Street Preachers Biographer/The Independent - UK - The Independent (United Kingdom)

"The Seattlest (Seattle, WA)"

“[TVG] should be made into pinball machines and action figures because they look, smell, and taste like sex… and we all know how well sex sells.” - Seattlest (Seattle, WA) - The Seattlest (Seattle, WA)

"Love’s Sweet Exile Audioblog (London, UK)"

“One of the sickest live shows i’ve ever attended. RCH.IV ‘shot’ and ‘killed’ J.Vicious during their last song, bringing a Lady GaGa-esque ending to their wickedly solid performance.” - Love’s Sweet Exile Audioblog (London, UK) - Love’s Sweet Exile Audioblog (London, UK)


"Stephen Trask, writer of the songs and lyrics in HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH, has personally selected the group The Vicious Guns to back Drabinsky in his portrayal of the internationally ignored song stylist and victim of a botched sex change on her journey from East Berlin to a trailer park in Middle America". - -


"The brilliant pairing of post punk rockers The Vicious Guns portraying Hedwig’s musical backing, The Angry Inch, confirms why this comedy is like no other. The compositions straddle between sentimental and angst ridden lyrics making for a perfect blend to convey a story of cognizance." - -

"A Mutual Admiration Society"

The Vicious Guns bring their electro-pop love songs to NXNE 2008
By Andrew Horan

When asked how working with her partner JS Roy compares to playing in her previous band, the acclaimed all-girl four-piece Tuuli, Jennifer MacIsaac of Toronto electro-pop duo The Vicious Guns suggests rephrasing the question.

"What's the difference between playing with the group of people you played with compared to JS?" is her suggestion. Her response?

"To me, it's the dynamic of working with less people," MacIsaac explained over beers at the duo's west-end studio. "It's a different experience to playing with any band then coming in to play with JS."

"There's still that stigma that people think it's a proven formula in that, 'a bunch of girls, it's going to work!'" Roy added. "After I met Jenny I caught on that, yeah I started talking music with her or collaborating on music the same way I would with absolutely anybody."

Even though they played their first gig at Canadian Music Week 2008, they feel as though the band has been is existence since the day they met five years ago when MacIsaac caught the band Roy was in at the time, Les Six, at the Bovine Sex Club.

They started collaborating early on in the game. Then Tuuli briefly reunited and she was also playing bass in Les Six. Roy was also a founding member of The Stills.

The Vicious Guns were born after they stopped playing in bands and had written a huge collection of songs.

Working as a duo has its advantages. While they still have the occasional creative difference, it doesn't happen as often as it did with their other projects. They also don't have to deal with the egos of other band members.

"For me it's been hard to find somebody that I could truly collaborate with. It's oftentimes something you do alone," MacIsaac said. "But with the two of us we definitely contribute equally to every single song."

Roy added that a strong "circle of trust" is easier when there's fewer members in the band.

"I walk on stage not worrying one bit about what she's going to do and I think it's pretty much the same for you," he said, looking to MacIsaac. "And I think it's simple and more effective."

Tuuli fans might be surprised to hear something slightly different at TVG's NXNE set at The Bovine Sex Club (542 Queen St. W) on June 14th. The duo's romantic electronic-tinged pop songs are about as far removed from Tuuli's pop-punk as one can get.

Their time in Les Six had a noticeable effect on the music. It has more of an electronic-base than Les Six's New Wave-influenced rock. It was a sound that evolved organically due to the tools they had at their disposal according to MacIsaac. Prior to this, she was used to writing songs in her bedroom the old-fashioned way – on a guitar and four-track tape machine.

"And now I have computers. Computer magic!" she said. "And I really think that has influenced my songwriting."

"Five, six years ago I was adamant about playing in full bands with drummer, bassist, guitar and if you needed any extra parts, get an extra person and slowly but surely, exactly, just got into different stuff," Roy added.

In the meantime, they're hoping that London, England-based singer Erin Lang is going to have time to join them on a song she's been working on with TVG. She also has her own gig that night. They're definitely planning to unveil a couple of new songs.

"I've never been in a project where we had a guest vocalist come on stage or anything like that so that could be pretty cool," MacIsaac said.

MacIsaac isn't sure what the future holds for TVG. Making a living playing music would be, "living the dream" according to MacIsaac. While many artists and bands lament how difficult it is to make money playing music she remains optimistic.

"If you just realize that there's opportunities and you can make your own path, then it'll happen," she said, adding; "Geez, that's cheesy!"

NXNE 2008 is all about bands and artists blazing their own path. More that 500 acts ranging from up and comers to veterans will invade 50-plus venues around the city from June 12th to 15th. Many of them will doubtlessly have big hopes and dreams of a record deal.

But NXNE isn't just about music. As the festival heads into its 14th year, it continues to offer the usual assortment of keynote addresses, celebrity panels and other industry events. Some of this year's notable events include CBC Radio host Jian Ghomeshi's interview with Thomas Dolby.

The NXNE Film Festival will feature screenings of The Last Pogo, a documentary about Toronto's punk scene, and The Rawside of Die Mannequin, acclaimed director Bruce McDonald's doc about Toronto band Die Mannequin.

NXNE runs June 12th to 15th. Wristbands for the festival are $29 (including tax) through Ticketmaster (416) 870-8000 or www.ticketmaster.caand various outlets; for conference and performance schedules, venue listings and more info check out

- By Andrew Horan for

"So Vividly Vicious"

Please go to:

to see our JUNE cover story and article by Fernanda Fernandez. -


Love's Sweet Exile (LP) - Released July 13th, 2010
The Vicious Guns (EP) - Released December 11th, 2009

"Newchain" - named #1 on Alan Cross' (legendary CFNY DJ and host of universally syndicated 'History of New Music') weekly countdown - December '09 - has regular airplay on 102.1 The Edge Toronto CFNY



The VICIOUS GUNS are a Canadian electronic rocknroll duo featuring JENNIE (Tuuli, The Von Bondies) & RICHEY VICIOUS. Their music is characterized by lead female vocals, male harmonies, post punk guitars & new wave bass lines against a backdrop of synthetic drums and samples.

The VG's played their first show on Halloween 2008 to a sold out crowd at Toronto's legendary punk rock dive, the Bovine Sex Club. The very next day they embarked on a month long, 25 date North American tour. The following spring they toured the United Kingdom, including a headline performance at the final night of Stay Beautiful, Simon Price(Manic Street Preachers' biographer/The Independent)'s glam rock night in Camden Town. The summer of '09 saw TVG showcasing at Toronto's NXNE festival. During the fall of 2009 J&R were called on by Stephen Trask (writer/composer and self-professed 'huge fan') to be a part of the Toronto run of Hedwig & the Angry Inch. The two played an active role on stage as both musicians and speaking actors; the show received rave reviews and was nominated for a Dora Award.

In November '09 TVG were personally invited to perform alongside indie rock superstars, Peter Bjorn & John (who had just spent the summer touring w/ Depeche Mode), at Toronto's premier rock venue, The Phoenix. They self-released their debut, self-titled EP in December '09 as well as a 'homemade' video (featuring candid tour and live footage) for the single, 'Newchain'; a song which the duo described as, "…Peter Hook's bass lines shacked up with the Reid brothers' signature guitar sound." Alan Cross (legendary CFNY DJ and host of universally syndicated 'History of New Music') placed TVG at #1 on his weekly countdown and called the single and respective video, "catchy, charismatic and cool."

J&R headed out on the road again in spring 2010, including 4 showcases at SXSW. Their spring tour snowballed with such success that the duo stayed on tour until the end of September (spanning 7 months and over 100 shows in over 40 states). TVG also self-released their debut full-length album, Love's Sweet Exile, on July 13th, 2010, along with the single, 'End of The World' which featured a fully animated music video directed by up and coming visual artist, Xack Gibson. The fall of 2010 has seen a self-release of the song, 'Things You Said' (originally by Depeche Mode). The song was released alongside a music video, produced entirely by J&R. It has received outstanding reviews, including a nod from former Depeche Mode keyboard player/producer, Alan Wilder. Recently TVG have released a third single/music video from Love's Sweet Exile, 'Friends Aren't Friends' and debuted their own fashion line, VICIOUS THREADS.

The VICIOUS GUNS return to the road spring 2011…