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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"What our fans are saying"

As of now there have been no official press reviews, but that doesn't mean that those who've heard our music and seen us live don't have something to say.

Here is a sample of some fan feedback the Victor Williams Band has recieved:

"There is a dangerous edge to your tunes which I feel is all too lacking in much of the current offerings. I particularly like," She Fails to Impress Me," and the way your EP goes from this track to an acoustic one, one which is quietly impressive. I've now listened innumerable times to the CD and plan to play it loudly, and play it often for Chicago"

-DJ Barb Wire, WLUW 88.7 FM Chicago

"You have a real awesome sound, and I have to say I have a new favourite band."

-Nick, from Australia

"Nice and heavy! Just the way I like it!"

-Rick Brown (vocals/harmonica/songwriter for 60's psychedelic pioneers The Misunderstood)

"I think the band Cream actually rented a time machine, heard you guys, and then teleported back into the past!"

-Antonio, from Kansas

"These tunes are f*cking brilliant. Dirty, raw, seedy and downright sleazy. Just the way I like them."

-Scott, from Scotland

"I absolutely love the sound. Times call for a band with balls."

-Kyle, from Alabama

"Come and visit Switzerland with your guitars!"

-Janine, from Switzerland

"Some nice dirty arsed bluesy rock and roll.. Most enjoyable deffo hear the Cream and Rory Gallagher influences in there."

-Dog, from the UK

"Great vibe! You guys remind me of Band of Gypsies."

-Dave, From New Jersey

"You guys are great! You gave me the impression that I have heard you guys before! I was wrong! It's the awesome classic rock tone you have going. I thought Jimi himself bounced back out of the grave to hit the charts once again! Honestly I am shocked and amazed with your seemingly effortless ability to create a sound that I haven't heard in long time! MASS RESPECT... I thought all was lost but you guys have it got going on!"

-Vinny, from Australia

"Y'all are one of the most awsome bands I have heard in long time! The sound you guys have is amazing and pure, keep it that way... Hopefully I can see you guys if you ever come down to Austin! I know you guys would be a hit here no doubt!"

-Owen, from Texas - N/A



The Victor Williams Band EP - 2007 - no label

radio play:

-several tracks from the eponymous EP have received airplay on WLUW 88.7 FM in Chicago, 88.1 FM WSRU near Pittsburgh & WGMD 92.7 FM in Delaware
-"Man of Steel" receives airplay on Homegrown Radio New Jersey (online station at
-"Man of Steel" receives airplay on Milkboy Radio in Ardmore, PA (streaming play at
-"I.C.B.M." and "Man of Steel" receive airplay on 100% Music Radio (online at &



"Shortly the enemy came upon our cannon, which saluted them with great vociferation, and some execution."
~Henry Knox, 1777

Though formed in late 2006, the band has its beginnings six years earlier; when childhood friends Williams and Nation met drummer Moore during their freshman year of high school. Drawing influence from the worlds of '60s American garage & British psychedelia, cool jazz, '70s proto-punk, old-time country bluesmen, and more -- the threesome spent many long hours throughout the early '00s rattling the old foundations of the traditional Quaker institution, honing their craft when they should've been in class and breaking in their stage legs at countless assemblies, football games, and talent shows. After six years developing a clear, cohesive vision and tight improvisational flow, the three men from Philly decided to make it official and haven't looked back since.

In the summer on 2007 the threesome recorded their debut self-titled EP and proceeded to turn heads in Philly, New York, and beyond with their no-nonsense-yet-layered live blend of dirty rock, blues, and psychedelia. Rick Brown -- frontman/songwriter for '60s psychedelic rock godfathers The Misunderstood -- calls the band's sound "nice and heavy, just the way I like it."

The winter '07/'08 season saw a short weeklong tour of venues from NYC to Pittsburgh as well as one-off shows in DC and at home in Philly. After a short break to finish their college educations, the Band will be back in action May '08, bringing their music to ears from Philly to Chicago and as many points as possible in between.