The viking funeral

The viking funeral


The viking funeral is a "cowpunk" band from the wilamette valley oregon. Our music is a mix of hillbilly rock and punk rock. Major influences include Modest mouse, Daniel Johnston, Nirvana, Built to Spill, Beach Boys, and many other rock and punk rock bands.


The Viking funeral was born sometime in the early 2000s when Matthew ulm, Gabe Ramos, and Dustin Daniels decided, that there is a natural order, the way things are meant to be. An order that says that the good guys always win, that you die when it’s your time, or you have it coming. That the ending is always happy, if only for someone else. Now at some point it became clear to them that their path had been chosen and they had nothing to offer the world. Their options narrowing down to petty crime or Rock and Roll, they stepped off the map and went looking for the fortune that was looking for them. Playing good rock and roll music is the ultimate monkey.
The Viking Funeral is influenced by many types of music, some of our favorites and sounds you might recognize in our songs Is Bob Dylan, Neal Young, Nirvana, Beach Boys, Beck, The Flaming lips, The Band, Leonard Coen, and many more folk and rock musicians. The Viking funeral is dedicated to putting on a great show and quality music, we would love to play at your venue, sometime in the future.


We have recorded two ep length cd's, if we had any sinles, they would be war machines, cops and christianity and interruption we are featured on and our own myspace page is

Set List

Our set list varys from venue to venue, we can play from 30 minutes to two hours, if needed. we don't do any cover songs, all originals.