The Village Green

The Village Green


"Their stoner charm and exuberant embrace of British Invasion pop melodies bring to mind early Supergrass laced with more than a hint of Liam Gallagher's 'fawk you' snarl." - Kip Berman, The Portland Mercury


How can you deny a band whose music, according to one journalist (Kurt B. Reighley from Seattle’s The Stranger), “spark(s) a smoldering desire to fire up the hookah and make sweet, sweet love on some velvet throw pillows.”?

Welcome to the world of Portland‘s The Village Green. In the few short years that the band has been in existence, they’ve kicked up frenzy. Named after The Kinks’ classic The Village Green Preservation Society, this rock outfit, duly inspired by the aforementioned, but then perhaps every other groovy thing to have come out of Great Britain between ’66 and ’73, has tuned out and tuned, er… turned off and… oh, bloody hell, turned on most of their Pacific Northwest with stellar shows, packed to gills, tons of good press saying much of what we’re trying saying here (but, better) and some fabulous radio play. What more do you need?

The centerpiece of all this hubbub is a fellow named J. Nicholas Allard, a man who knows that if you’re going to kick off your name with an initial, you’d better be as good at your job as C. Everett Koop or G. Gordon Liddy, et al. Mr. Allard does not disappoint. His job, as well as the mandate of his cohorts, is to rock. And, God knows, The Village Green’s much-loved, self-titled, self-released EP (2005) proved it all night, having showcased 6 tracks of diverse rock rave ups, sufficiently running the gamut of Brit-tinged guitar oeuvre. In fact, local recreation go-to Willamette Week, put it this way: “This town’s got bands playing in multiple dimensions, but it doesn’t really have this: music that just gets us going. How we could have gone this long without that swagger and aural sneer is a mystery.”

Well, Portland- and the rest of the world while we’re at it, wait no more…

Because, on August 29, The Village Green shall brandish their debut full length to be released on respected and longstanding (when others fell) indie outpost spinART Records. It shall be called Feeling The Fall. The long player self produced and recorded by band member Jeremy Sherrer at Spooky Electric Studio (his basement), features 11 shiny new rockers giving us the good stuff without the benefit of pouts, haircuts or stupid shoes. Along with Allard, drummer Jeremy Sherrer, Dave Depper on bass and Nathan Junior on guitar and Wurlitzer piano, make their rock without a pretentious bone in their collective body of work (Depper and Junior have, sadly, left the band… amicably, post-recording). Again, the vibe, evident in tunes like “Life On The Run” display a unique sophistication in songwriting and performance, harnessing sincerity, but not without attitude and the rare gift of nodding to, without ripping off. Check out “Chomping At The Bit” as proof in the pudding, or listen to “Wrap Your Love Around Me” and you’ll be hooked.


Lindsey Stranahan at spinART Records
(718) 852-3294 or

Grady Chapman at Fuzed Music
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* Live on KEXP (EP - spinART) on 10/31/06
* Feeling The Fall (LP - spinART) on 8/29/06
* When The Creepers Creep In (EP - spinART) on 7/12/06
* The Village Green (EP - Hidden Peak) Released on 11/01/05