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The Village Idiot-Joby Saad

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | MAJOR

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | MAJOR
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"Village Idiot no fool"

Village Idiot no fool
Stand-up comic Joby Saad sports a doofus grin, stocking cap, and expressive, rubbery face. He comes to the Coliseum this weekend.
BY DAVE RICHARDS [more details]

Published: September 18. 2008 12:01AM

Joby Saad: “It reaches every level. Little kids think it’s hilarious.” (Contributed photo)

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When he lived in Los Angeles, working as a comedian, Joby Saad started a company called Village Entertainment. He instructed his roommate to answer the phone that way -- "Village Entertainment" -- whenever anyone called.

"Frequently, what would happen is, the phone would ring and Rob would answer and say 'hello.' And I, in the background would shout, 'You idiot!' And then the caller would say, 'Let me speak to the Village idiot.'"

Thus a concept was born. Saad became the Village Idiot. He was destined for it, he says, thanks to his dad.

"My father used to give me a hard time. He would always call me an idiot. Or, sometimes, he'd say, 'You're a fool,' and I'd get upset. 'I thought I was an idiot.' 'Well, you're both!' 'Great! Now I've got to redo my résumé.'"

No more. Now he is the Village Idiot. Saad's Web site is, and he's also created his own "Vidiots" TV series. In one hilarious bit, Saad leaves an ice cream store at a tourist spot, only to have one scoop roll up his arm and down his back. He contorts himself trying to eat it, while passersby stare.

"That's going really well," said Saad of "Vidiots." "It's silent comedy. I love being able to tell a story and reach an audience of all ages and all languages."

His look matches his stage name. He sports a doofus grin, a stocking cap, and expressive, rubbery face. Makes sense that he's a big fan of physical comedians such as Steve Martin, Jim Carrey, and Tim Conway.

"I love the Three Stooges, I love the old masters," said Saad. "My favorites are Abbott and Costello, the Marx Brothers, Charlie Chaplin. Those are the guys I love. I got to see Red Skelton in concert when I was in my 20s. He came to Nashville, so I bought tickets. I asked this young girl to go with me. I told her I had tickets to see Red Skelton, and she said, 'Well, I don't really like heavy-metal music.'

"She didn't know what Red Skelton was. So I'm educating America on comedy."

His stand-up, like his films, involves a lot of physical comedy. He frequently closes his shows with an inspired bit where, in pantomine, he removes one pair of pants after another, becoming a new character each time. But everything he does is clean.

"It's just really goofy and absurdist," Saad said. "It's hard for me to describe exactly what I do unless you see it. You can see a lot of the stuff on me over the Internet.

"It's amazing, I don't use paper for anything. Most everything, I read on the Internet. I don't read newspapers, I don't read magazines. If I need toilet paper, I can just type in 'toilet paper' and hit 'print.'

"That's a joke I often do in my show," he added. "What I love about it is it reaches every age group. Little kids think it's hilarious."

In addition to someday performing on "Late Show with David Letterman," Saad has one other career goal in mind. He aims to break the Guinness world record -- 71 miles -- for human-powered flight.

He had an attempt scheduled this past summer in Orlando, but was forced to cancel it due to FAA flight restrictions and concerns over public safety. But he's determined to try again. He says that record can be beaten.

"It's very feasible," Saad said. "There are constantly changes in technology that I think will make the goal feasible. I don't want to give a lot of details away, so I'll say just two words -- 'helium enema.' Actually, I said too much."

Guess that's why he's the village idiot. -


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World Famous Village Idiot combines one liners and high energy scenarios recreated by one man playing multiple characters and entertaining like a troupe of comedians.
His dancing enlighten every age audience and his verbal skills command the respect of his peers. Joby Saad puts on a show like no other. Stand-up comedy, theatrical mime and dance along with improv makes his performances a show stopper.

Joby was born in Nashville where his comedy career started at Zanies opening up for Jeff Foxworthy, Seinfeld, Tim Allen, Bill Engvall and Jim Varney. Moving to Los Angeles in 1997 Joby was a regular at Dublin's on Sunset Blvd. performing along side Dane Cook and studying Improv at Harvey Lembecks in Beverly Hills as did one of his Idols Robin Williams. Recently Joby has performed for our troops and a favorite at Lifest in oshkosh Wisconsin one of the largest outdoor Christian music festivals. Also featured on the Believe Tour in 2008 for Christ in Youth performing for thousands and thousands of Jr high school students across the united states. 2010 Joby did opening dates for the number 5 highest comedy concert ticket seller Chonda Pierce performing in sketches with Chonda as well as his stand-up act.
Joby Has had numerous television appearances on Comedy Central, CMT 40 sexiest Videos, Thou Shalt Laugh-Warner Brothers, Vidiots-Mackinac Island Mi,
ABC news now where he has announced his plans to break the World record for human powered flight in a home made aircraft which he intends to do again this year July of 2011.