The Villains

The Villains


The Villains have created their own form of pop music that is extremely catchy but completely different from the world of pop music as we know it today. It's music handcrafted to make you swoon.


There's this little township you've never heard of in Ohio. Spacious place. You can drive for miles before you see any light. Back in the trees, down by a lake that's not big enough to mention, there's this little log cabin. You can't see it from the road unless you really look. Out there in that little cabin, there's a powerful sense of patience. This feeling of clearer intent. [Dillinger made a hideout of it.] If you drive by and happen to see a flicker of a window, the Villains are in there.

They're quiet guys. The strong silent type, I guess. You never know what's going on in their heads unless you're in the gang. Seems like they're always a couple of steps ahead of what me and you are used to. Every now and then they leave this cabin, go into the cities. It always leaves an imprint on the locals. I think it has something to do with that cabin, and them spending so much time there. Down in the cities, there's all this competition. Everybody wants to look like a bigshot in front of their friends. The Villains have bigger plans.

In no time, they went from small-time to local headlines. It's all in the way they harmonize. Each does what he's best at, and together they're devastating. Crowds are left hypnotized and the Villains just fade back to that little cabin, way out there in the woods.

Out there in the woods, if you roll the windows down you can hear music that reminds you of times that never happened. Voices as milky as stars in the morning pour over rhythms like the best day of your life. If you listen real close, you can make out words you've always known but never heard. And you might see a flicker of a window as you drive by, if you look real close. The Villains are in there. People have a way of becoming their surroundings. Check in 20 years, the cabin's still going to be there.

-- Michael Heck


The Villains (EP) - Released October, 2005
Six Volt Glow - Released April 29th, 2006
Sun Set Stomp - (coming soon)

Set List

That Means I Mean It
Hot Rod Love
High Flyer
How About Later
Going Up
Lonely Girl
Let Loose
Little Rose
My Heart Is Blue
Gutter Soul Blues
Night Avenues
Train Conductor
Don't Cry For Me