The Villains

The Villains

 Portland, Oregon, USA


Once upon a time, in a far away land called Idaho, three dudes joined forces to create a rock n' roll band called The Villains. Their purpose was to resurrect the true original spirit of rock that had been dead for years, and to offset the onslaught of shitty mainstream "rock" that had taken over the airwaves. Alas Idaho was no place to undertake such a lofty mission. So the three derelicts Mr. Jacob Anderson, Dr. Keith Simon, and Sir Brad Parsons crawled from their hole in Idaho, and ventured west to the fertile green pastures of Portland OR. After a year of gaining the momentum needed for such a movement, by playing in as many local Portland venues as possible, and recording their first full length album MEAT, the time hath come to take this rawkness-monster and spread it throughout the land. So thank you for choosing The Villains brand rock n' roll for your listening pleasures. You shall not be disappointed!


Meat (Dirty Dirty Street Records)