The Villanz

The Villanz

 Riverview, Florida, USA
DuoHip Hop

We are a Hip-hop group with hard yet intricate lyrical content mixed with a well polished delivery. Listening to us reminds you of Jay-z Nas, and other hip-hop Greats that put an emphases on having qualty musical content, as well as a quality presentation.


The Villanz:  Hip Hop Is Finally Back

By Stephen Zsiga

February 13, 2014

The Villanz are all about something that in todays day and age in Hip Hop music is far from the status quo.  Easily recognized by their throwback style of real lyricism, coupled with their independently produced beats which bring together an artistic swag not heard in years, The Villanz have the unique opportunity to truly reinvent the rap game all over again in the midst of a musical culture that could use a fresh facelift.

Tampa, Florida native Justin Green (aka Di-Vine) and New Jersey native Jermaine McCloud (aka Main) came together to form The Villanz in 2000.  Green started his music career with a group called False Face Society in the late 1990s. Shortly thereafter the two completely broke off from False Face Society to form The Villanz.

All of the initial transitioning was not something that came without criticism for the two artists.  Their movements created tension amongst their circles that was certainly imminent for both artists however, that didnt stop either of them from pursuing their joint projects or their solo material.  They both knew that they had formed something special by coming together in their craft.

We became The Villanz through necessity really, Green said in a recent interview.  We met a lot of resistance and at the time we had limited access to the Tampa Hip Hop scene.  There was a lot of hate at that time. 

The Villanz released their first track in 2002 called Too Hot For Me.  Green then released The Great LP in 2003, his first solo album which sold over five thousand copies.  The two then released their first official project as The Villanz in 2006, Rise of the Villanz:  Episode 1.  The mixtape which featured the local hit single 'You know what I want" as well as a variety of industry and original beats.  Then after a long hiatus and years of hard work, The Villanz finally returned to the airwaves with their second project but first original production Neighborhood Heroes.  The album was released on January 28 on iTunes, Google Play,, Sony Unlimited, iHeart Radio and Rhapsody.

Both Green and McCloud were influenced by the same artists in their early years.  The 90s were not only when the two were coming into their own as men but also when the Hip Hop scene really exploded into the mainstream with the emergence of legends such as Jay-z, Nas, Notorious BIG, Tupac, KRS One, Wu-tang Clan and Slick Rick all of whom The Villanz say their sound has been influenced by.

The self-assessment by Di-Vine clearly has validity to it.  Neighborhood Heroes features a wide variety of tracks which encompass a wide variety of coast-specific feels expressed through both beats and lyrics.  The flexibility of The Villanz is evident not only in their ability to adapt and overcome but also in their ability to artfully express a truthfully deep, real message through their music.  One that necessarily is not easily found when searching thru todays Hip Hop scene.

One thing that is extremely prevalent throughout todays industry is an overzealous abundance of flash, materialism, glamour and other shallow, sellout standards.  The Villanz dont indulge in those undertones in their music and thats expressed on every track.  They continuously exhibit a loyal and true street mindset while theres never a moment that theyre not keeping it real.

Bringing back that throwback style of genuine lyricism is no easy task in the midst of the rules of the game today, though The Villanz have all the right tools in place and people in their corner to effectively exile the demons of todays industry from their path to success.  They self-promote their new music and new projects using social media outlets such as soundcloud, facebook and twitter.  They have plans to re-release their mixtape Rise of The Villanz:  Episode 1.  They've released a video for Lock Down, a track on Neighborhood Heroes and have plans to release another video soon.  

Between their unique and flexible self-produced beats, truly original Hip Hop lyrics that get in your face and make you think, well thought out plans and strategies for marketing and performances, all accompanied by everything else that goes into the daily operations and efforts of The Villanz, they have a product that takes the blinders back off of the eyes of todays rap game.

Classic is timeless, Green said.  It doesnt matter how old or how young you are.  Classic doesnt have a shelf life.


"The great LP" Di-vine solo album released 12/2003
- singles include - "Top Gun" and "Alright"

"The Rise of the Villanz Episode: 1" Mixtape released 1/2006
- singles include - "You know what I want" and "Gun Talk"

"The NeighborHood Heroes" coming fall 2012
- singles include - "lockdown", "Go for mine" produced by M-Phazes "Work" and "Can I Hit That"