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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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Cooshi (Vince): the Hetaira, self relesed CD
No current radio airplays.
Between 1995 and 2002 a number of demos were released for the purpose of showcasing.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Vince: a man of milk and honey

The Vince story is best told with a short Middle Eastern allegory as a prologue.

Once upon a time or maybe twice, there was a musicologist who embarked on a journey to the Middle East in search of authentic tribal sounds and rhythms, his main goal was an encounter with a legendary flutist, whom legend had it, his flute playing melted every listeners heart.

After roaming the Middle Eastern lands for some time, the musicologist met with the great maestro, flute virtuoso and court flutist of the Hashemite Palace, the famous Ras al Djaffar.

The musicologist was welcomed warmly in the maestro’s tent with a banquet and a mighty feast in his honour; whereupon some of the maestro’s most talented students performed their arts to the distinguished guest, on their flutes.

To the amazement of the musicologist, the craftsmanship and level of these students was so high, that the musicologist just sat there and listened in absolute fascination. The most intricate and complicated rhythmic melodies were flowing together like a confluent stream, into a perfect and ingenious musical harmony.

Last but not least, as an encore of this musical session, and which was considered as ‘moment supreme’, maestro Ras al Djaffar picked up his flute and played a single note for a single moment, whereupon guest and students alike, enraptured by the maestro cheered and applauded his Excellency.

The musicologist slightly dismayed, yet full of anticipation for Ras al Djaffar’s art and craftsmanship, hesitatingly asked him: “Maestro Al Djaffar, all your students just played the most intricate and complicated rhythmic melodies, yet you, the ‘Maestro’, just played a single note for a single moment, whilst your flute playing and musical knowledge is honoured and revered all over this region. What would be the reason for this?”

Maestro Ras al Djaffar frowned a second, smiled and answered his distinguished guest’s question wisely: “My dear foreign guest. All my students are obsessively searching for their ideal note, they are searching and searching, sometimes they even search between the most intricate and complicated musical melodies and rhythms. Yours truly, maestro Al Djaffar has long found his ideal note, which you’ve just heard.”

Vince: guitarist and singer/songwriter. Just like Ras al Djaffar students has been searching for his ideal note, which could be the metaphor for an own sound and style, by studying and analyzing a multitude of musical genres.

One might describe Vince’s repertoire as a ‘crossover’, yet it’s merely a subtle mix of funk blues, African Highlife and Brazilian Sambas, which results in an extraordinary repertoire of diverse styles and songs sung in different languages.

The one main theme of a Vince show is Groove: Phat Afro-Funky Groove.