The Vincent Black Shadow

The Vincent Black Shadow


You have already started to hear the buzz on this band. They are definitely a cross between No Doubt, Blondie, and Paris cabaret circa 1940. "Great pop songs, great album songs with their own identity, and extremely reactive with the alternative crowd." The buzz is building...


THE VINCENT BLACK SHADOW The world that you know has been transformed into a sultry, sexy, hot, cabaret (circa Paris 1940's). The band takes the stage, the singer raises her eyes, the look is malicious, murderous, yet addictive and captivating. The music is mildly reminiscent of Euro-cabaret with remnants of Blondie / No Doubt as the grinding guitars, hypnotic rhythms, the classical piano all add to this strange world. You realize that you can't look away, you sit and watch, mesmerized. When was the last time you were truly mesmerized? You can't remember and you don't really care anyways. You are seeing one of the few truly original new alternatives to the world of music. You find yourself hoping, realizing that this is the real thing, a new direction, a new sound. Pure talent pours from the stage, people are watching every move, hanging on every word, every gesture. This band in not only talented, they are insanely talented and trained, schooled. The songs are captivating, well crafted, the vocal melodies are hook driven, delivered with emotional intensity that is vacant from the contemptuous eyes of Cassandra Ford (22) as she caresses you hypnotically with lyrics that twist and turn and have you wondering what incredible angst lies within the black heart of this diminutive beauty. Guitarist Rob Kirkhams's vision is finally complete, his expressionist performance, his world is being played out on stage like a final act, his arrangements unfolding in epic pop culture simplicity. Anthony Kirkham defines his brother's orchestrations with power and drive pounding steamy rhythmic beats, jazz, symphony, cabaret and most importantly the rock. Nicole Hurst's bg's perfectly match the sensual voice of Cassandra magnifying the lyrical angst, Nicole's dramatic keyboard work brings the audience into the emotional intensity of the music. Finally, Chris Kirkham, the latest addition to the lineup, joins his two brothers, all three the sons of a symphony musician, who remain true to their musical upbringing: unapologetic, unyielding, and undying in their devotion to the music.

Before the performance ends, the audience is already salivating over available cd's, needing to capture some scrap of this performance to take home in an attempt to remember the feeling of being transported to the world of The Vincent Black Shadow. Alas by the shows end the crowd, as always, is turned away the cd's are sold out, they write down email addresses, written orders for mail out copies, desperate attempts to connect, who is this band where will they perform next? Who are The Vincent Black Shadow?

Discography (Streaming Airplay)

Set List

Letters to No One
This Road is Going Nowhere
Softest Blue
Bullet on the Tracks
Don't Go Soft
House of Tasteful Men
Fears in the Water

Total set time: 40-45 minutes

Possible Covers:
Hangin' on the Telephone (Blondie)
Blue Hotel (Chris Isaak)
Show Must Go On (Queen)