The Vintage Sound

The Vintage Sound

 Bridgeport, West Virginia, USA

A Psychedelic Elephant On Stilts Doing Back Flips!


The Vintage Sound is from West Virginia.
3 Members with 3 different styles of playing.
Musical Influences are: Oasis, The Who, The Doors, Jimmy Hendrix, The Animals, The Strokes, Primus, Yanni, Beck, Travis, The Modern Lovers / Jonathan Richman, Echo and The Bunnymen, etc...


Take Me Back

Written By: Marco Lacaria

Take Me Back To Where I Belong
Just Don’t Make Me Wait So Long
If I Could Come and Rescue You
Don’t You Think That I’d Want To

Grab Me Throw Me On The Ground
Let Everyone Know Your Proud
That You Are All I Got Today
That You Are All I Got To Praise

I Have Been Trying To Hard
I Have Been Pushing This To Far

Buy Me I Don’t Cost To Much
Spend Me Don’t Get The Bust


Walk Alone (1st Single Release 2007)
Green Sessions (A collection of demos 2008)
Now Introducing...(EP Released Fall 2009)
Take Me Back (Newest Release 2011)

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