The Vinyl Plane

The Vinyl Plane

 Uniondale, New York, USA

It's the reason you started listening to rock and roll... It combines the 2 best eras of rock with Southern 70's rock and grunge era rock. It's rock twisted up T.V.P. style: Music that will smack you in the face and teach you a lesson for being on that elevator with 40 other people in suits.


The Vinyl Plane, "Where Rock 'n' Roll is alive, well, and flourishing.'' Listen to a group of musicians while you rediscover the joy of turning on the radio; after all, it's been a while. We all deserve it.
The Vinyl Plane is a five-piece band consisting of 2 guitars, bass, drums and vocals/harmonica. The dual electric guitars are headed by the Obenauer brothers, Keith and Sean, playing lead and rhythm respectively. Dave Seubert leads on vocals, adding his harmonica when needed; bringing an appropriate bend to your traditional rock 'n' roll. Brendon Blaha drives the band forward with his hard hitting, yet dynamic style on drums while bassist Joe Giani melodically accents the unique Vinyl Plane sound.
This band's dedication to their music is undeniable as their loyalty to each other is unbreakable. All songs are original pieces; written and performed by The Vinyl Plane.
They are a Long Island based band with a private practice studio in Uniondale, NY. Their resume is rapidly growing as they work on new material constantly, while always performing live as much as possible, in as many places as possible.
This band is a grounded group of musically experienced individuals displaying everything they have to offer. Both personable and talented, The Vinyl Plane lives for playing a great show and then enjoying a few cold ones with the fans. With their dedication and continued fan support, The Vinyl Plane hopes to be a household name. Their formation dates back as early as 2006 (known then as "The Headie Berrie"), culminating to date with two complete studio albums: Morning Toast as "The Headie Berrie" and most recently "Sage and Solemn Tunes" as "The Vinyl Plane". The band has played an extensive history of live performances playing such venues as: NYC's own Kenny's Castaways, The Knitting Factory as well as Mulcahy's in Wantagh, NY and Centereach, NY. The band has expanded out more in 2010 by going to Crocodile Rock Cafe in Allentown, PA (twice), WPPJ radio (Part of Point Park University) in Pittsburgh, PA, The Inn on the Lake (Sand Bar) in Canandaigua, NY and Gateway Gallery of Buffalo, NY.
The band has the short term prospect of solidifying their fan base while engaging in the release of more studio albums, as well as continuing to perform live as often as possible.
Long term goals of The Vinyl Plane are traditional in the sense that they want to broaden their reach to the public via more radio play and expanded tours, however, they are aware of the hard work needed to obtain this goal. The band's eclectic influences range from The Black Crowes and Blind Melon to such classics as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix. The Vinyl Plane holds these bands with such high regard that they can only hope to one day acheive similar success. Dave and Brendon are said to have the raw Plant/Bonham dynamic on vocals and percussion with a balance of lighter, more Nick Mason style drumming as well while Keith's guitar solos show no boundaries (comparable to Jimmy Page's slide and the quickness of Jimi Hendrix). Sean encapsulates the listener with his well thought-out hooks with a wide range of style, while holding the rhythm and keeping you in line. Joey's bass is just what any band needs, both fitting and necessary to the arrangement of their songs and encompasses an ear for change. Other influences include (but are not limited to) Ten Years After, The Who, The Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, James Gang, Neil Young, Nirvana, Blind Faith, Nebula, Jack White, Pearl Jam, Rage Against the Machine, Cream, Leroy Justice, Traffic, Jethro Tull, Drive by Truckers, Wean... and many many others as well the music that forms in a session.


Shake the Rats

Written By: "The Vinyl Plane" Band


(verse 1)
Everyone knew, Johnny was a poor boy.
No soul would every lend him a little joy.

Always unkind, to those unwise,
they never listened to the plight of life.

Everyone moves around in the same world,
and it all looks the same to me girl.

And it all looks the same to me,
yes it all looks the same to me!

Well somebody stop him
yes his cover's blown

Old man on the corner,
showin' him the door

Well nobody loved him,
yes now, he's so alone

He's strung out in the corner
as he reaches for - MORE!

(verse 2)
Throwing all of this everything away
for another time, feeling fine on this day

Showing all of this, everything on stage
for this life, feeling right, I'm on my way!

And it feels the same
and it looks the same,
yes tastes the same to me!


Johnny!!! Yes he had this one talent and that's
he could shake the rats, scare the bats, the pied piper he was
Johnny!!! Well he could shake- (1st chorus: end's here, 2nd chorus: repeat 1st verse of chorus)

Johnny!!! (x2)



Circus Boy

Written By: "The Vinyl Plane" Band


(verse 1)
RAGE!!!!! HA-HA-HA-HAhahaha!

Rain! It comes to turn this page
Pain, is now leaving center stage
You feign happiness, as you forsake all of this bliss
Bring it all back, as I raise my fist!

(bridge 1)
Now you can shake me around
but I jump just to come back down...

(verse 2)
Frame my mood, just to suit my rage
You cage my emotions, for all to be displayed
I stayed then I flew, baby I'll be back to see you real soon
Boil this manic stew, and now what's this normal I never knew

(bridge 2)
and shake me around
well I jump just to reach the ground!!! --> (free verse)

Well you feel your rage, but it's no specific hate
You'd like to stay, if you could end dismay
Well the Circus Boy has come to play
Circus Boy you play!
And you play and play..........all day!!!! HA-HA-HA!!!

(free verse)


Bee's Knees

Written By: "The Vinyl Plane" Band


Freedom! We all want it, we taste it.
Destined to take my wit, and waste it.
Caveman: now we're less fit, now face it.
No plan! We said it, and yes we want it!

Please excuse this misunderstanding.
I am not supposed to be in this place.
Take me toward an emancipation.
And just vanish from here without a trace...
Brazen, how they call this Democracy.
Well they just rape every part of me.
Treason, to say that we are all free.
In grey, just give me, all that you can be!


Goin' South

Written By: "The Vinyl Plane" Band


Face down in the mud
thrown back into if I should,

make peace with the world,
or let my true plan unfurl.
Always feels the same,
and all my thoughts are to blame.
If I can work 'em out,
I'll still be left in doubt!
While I scream and shout!

Well, Face down in the mud!
There's signs here of a flood.
Heads up here were come.
Together we all make one!
Step back little fish,
or you look like my next dish.
Treading lonely in the dark,
you best watch for this shark!
I'm sure to make my mark.

Posted on my front door! -
It says "Don't Come Any Closer!"
Well now I won't go through a window.
I'm goin' south now, I'm on the road!

I won't throw my whole life away.
I just don't know why I'm so insane.
Well you say you're stopping whats crazy,
but maybe crazy, is just what you need!



Written By: "The Vinyl Plane" Band


I dreamt we drank the same dream: a shotglass of asylum!
I planned the life as they lead: a thought just cast aside by them.
and we danced to make the world numb,
and now you're in my bloodstream! Infecting my bloodstream...

The world is a disguise,
oh don't you compromise.
You're meant to feel alive,
so just go out and stive.

Your thoughts can lead astray
but they keep you in your place.
Salvation's just a prick away,
and now you're in my bloodstream.

Feeling so much pain
so much you can't contain
some they play it like a game
now you're in the bloodstream!
Infecting my bloodstream...
(Raggae ALTRO Verse)

Got the music, (but) would you choose it, when the booze hit and the weed that you need?
And now that you can see that we won't depleat anything, but we'll deposit sin, right under your skin all in your bloodstream!!!
In your bloodstream




T.V.P.'s debut album (under new name) "Sage and Solemn Tunes" is out and making a HUGE buzz... Also check for us on a few scattered local radio stations like: 670AM - "WPPJ" (Pittsburgh, PA - [search for WPPJ]), and more to come...
Also you can always check our myspace for brand new tunes, pics, videos, blogs, and all that other cool stuff!
First Album (under the name "The Headie Berrie"): MORNING TOAST
Second Album: Sage and Solemn Tunes
3 BRAND new tracks: Devil's Den, Alcyon Playground, & Disco Floyd

Set List

Sets can be anywhere from 30 min to 2 & 1/2 hrs.

Song List: (ALBUM: Morning Toast)
1. Acid Bitch
2. Musicism
3. Why Stay
4. Souless Shoe,
5. Briney Steal Eyes
6. Creepy String Belt
7. Blank Tablature,
8. Mushroom T

(ALBUM: Sage and Solemn Tunes)
9. 37th Street,
10. Goin' South
11. Circus Boy,
12. Bee's Knees
13. Shake the Rats,
14. Odd Woman,
15. Deep Fried,
16. Backwater Blues -> 17. Hobbit Hands,
18. Sky Feat,
19. Snowdog,
20. Bloodstream

(NO ALBUM: New Songs)

21. The Devil's Den
22. Alcyon Playgroundt
23. Disco Floyd
24. Cold Shoulder
25. Toot the Moon
26. Key Bumps


27.Keep on Rockin' in the Free World
28. Hard to Handle
29. Cocaine
30. Running Down a Dream
31. Dear, Mr. Fantasy
32. Bitch