(the) Vinyl Stone
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(the) Vinyl Stone

Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States
R&B Funk




"New Review!"

Smooth vocals, with a brilliant range laid over a simplistic vintage style track. - Soundout.com

"New Review!"

Jazzy, invigorating sounds resonate through airways and instantaneously launches our soul to another dimension. The soulful classy, rhythmic swoops, we are bounced from happiness into fanatical. The beat drop from the second the song start does that to me, and I believe other listeners will feel the same way. This is so energetic and engaging and melody is trance-like. This reminded of a song we would have heard in the 1970s, but with an epic, elegant modern twist on it. This would be on my iPod and when it comes on in the car, immediately we would all start jammin out. It would be awesome. The vocals are truly what makes the song. Before they drop, you wouldn't expect a female voice to come on. This was on point. To be honest, I don't recall much of the lyrics because I was jammin' out to this song! - slicethepie.com


Still working on that hot first release.



(the) Vinyl Stone came to being as Dana, Jessica, Tim and Erik brought their life experiences and talents together to create something that they felt had been lost from today’s scene – real music. Through their voices and their instruments, they bring to life the essence of music and its innate connection to the body. As R&B, funk, soul, and hip-hop beats collide, the sounds penetrate the body and cause head quakes and hip shakes. The connection between body and sound is undeniable.

Their EP “All Things Soul” showcases (the) Vinyl Stone’s genre-bending style. The single “Feelin’ Fine” mixes a hip-hop groove, funked up bass and the sounds of a muted trumpet. The instruments align themselves with the lyrics to express the dichotomies of newfound love. Through the instrumental escalation of a slow drumbeat into a cool funk, the excitement and uncertainties of love that are expressed in the lyrics come to life in the sounds of the instruments. This put “Feelin’ Fine” in a category all it’s own – “gangsta love”. This same fresh sound is woven throughout the EP, dropping the listener into an experience that is both reminiscent of classic R&B, funk and soul, yet also speaks of something new and innovative.

The Vinyl Stone had their debut performance on KTLA and was invited to take up a residencey at WitZend in Venice. They will also be the featured act at the first-of-the-year Syrup Loft’s Show in downtown Los Angeles.
“All Things Soul” is available for your enjoyment by logging onto the following websites:
www.promofm.com (Search: The Vinyl Stone)