the violent light

the violent light


Neil Young being gang-raped by the Mars Volta, all while on an acid induced trip to the moon.


We sensed disloyalty to music. The radio, the tv, all the willing bands that are the fuel. There is a steady decline of values in favour of the almighty dollar. The Violent Light exists because there are still people who care about the message and the melody. Sometimes we lose it so you can find it for yourself, and that is the gift we have to give. When we get behind our instruments and present what we feel is genuine, there is always a response. Whether the response is positive, negative, or indifferent is inconsequential so long as there is something rattling in someone's brain. If that rattling leads to a thought, then thank us for our passion. Then, burn all your old records and start new again.


Fields of Energy EP - 2006

Set List

Flowers in Firearms
The Johnson Effect
Strange & Absurd
Florida State Purple
Crises Engaged
Taking Back What We Lost
Caposi Sarcoma
Why Fight it?/Sex Cells
A Broken Promise (two broken legs)

Cherub Rock - Smashing Pumpkins
Stinkfist - Tool
Bright Eyes - First Day of my Life
Neil Young - Cinnamon Girl