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"The Violet Flames support Bon Jovi (Subiaco Oval - Jan 25, 2008),"

Where did all the bogans go? The last time Bon Jovi played Perth — and it was a long time ago — the room was filled with black T-shirts, 80s hair and tight jeans.

While fashions have definitely changed, it seems some things remain in vogue even if they are out of style. If the crowd response was anything to go by, there is as much enthusiasm for the New Jersey four as there ever has been.

Full points go to the guys in the audience trying to recreate a bit of glam history with their long locks, bandanas and hi-top sneakers because it added a reminder as to where Bon Jovi came from.

But first, the show was opened by Perth band The Violet Flames who won their spot in a radio listener-voted contest. The foursome held the stage well in a set which included the air-played single Come On and the opener City Days.

With all the hybrid rock flying around, it’s refreshing to hear a set which relies on strong songwriting and a simple but smart delivery to get the point across. With a guiding production arm, there’s a record in this band.

There wasn’t the intense take no prisoners abandon of Bon Jovi’s last Perth show many years ago but it was testament to musical ability and sheer enthusiasm that they still sound relevant and offer a night of enjoyable entertainment. Granted, some of the songs sounded retro, but they weren’t always the ones you expected.

As promised they pulled out a varied set which included songs from their latest album Lost Highway and delved right back to their first hit Runaway. They kicked off with a friendly but slow Summer Time Blues and used the opening cry of “hey, hey” to pull the crowd along for the title track of the new album.

You Give Love A Bad Name started off the list of stadium-rock hits the band are famous for including Keep The Faith, I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead and the drop hands-down rocker Livin’ On A Prayer.

Don’t deny it — you might not be caught dead singing these songs at the stop lights but it wasn’t going to stop you yelling at the top of your lungs on this night, right? The crowd needed no encouragement to throw their hands in the air and join in even if they had to reach back into the grey matter more than a few years.

The appearance of a guest fiddle on the Lost Highway songs offered the breezy groove of Summertime (You Want To), Whole Lot Of Leavin’ and We Got It Going On, which bumped up the temperature a few degrees.

On stage is where Richie Sambora gets his time in the sun, or in this case, under lights. He’s a consummate guitarist and on more than one occasion sent a song flying off towards the stars with his playing.

An intro of Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door — which Jon did better than Axl Rose last year — swung into a wailing and renegade version of Blaze Of Glory, one of the night’s best while Shout segued in and out of the fist-pumping Bad Medicine.

In These Arms has always reminded me of U2, thanks to its mellow power and while Bed Of Roses was an obvious omission, it was compensated for by songs like Raise Your Hands, Story Of My Life, Born To Be My Baby, It’s My Life and I’ll Be There For You featuring Sambora on vocals. Just to show they weren’t taking it all too seriously the guitarist offered a sneaky single finger salute in the middle of Have A Nice Day. Mind you, the cops walking past were mouthing the words too.

Wearing a waistcoat and pin-striped pants, singer and guitarist Jon Bon Jovi has still got that characteristic pout and million-watt smile. In front of a tight musical outfit — and let’s face it, even with a better haircut — the bloke is still darn sexy.

Who knows how many in the crowd made the connection, but Jon returned to the stage for the encore wearing an uncharacteristic white T-shirt which sported the image of the late Heath Ledger’s Joker from the up-coming film Batman.

The singer said nothing, but perhaps some of the song lyrics in the encore were reference enough. They continued to rock but a hint of melancholy had crept in. Granted, The Last Night and I Love This Town were usurped by the muscly cowboy anthem Wanted Dead Or Alive which sent everyone singing into the night.

The night might just have been a little bit daggy and cheesy, if it wasn’t all so much fun. - The West Australian

"Press Release - February 2009"

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Sun City Stadium EP (2008)

Vital Motions EP (Nov 2009)



1. We're a 3 piece rock band from Perth
2. Met in high school. Formed the band after yr12
3. Our first single 'Come On' got on the radio
4. Supported Bon Jovi at Subiaco Oval
5. Released first EP 'Sun City Stadium' in July 2008
6. Moved to Melbourne
7. Played in a maximum security prison
8. Went to Afghanistan and played for the army
9. Released second EP 'Vital Motions' in Nov 2009
10. 'Popular Culture' on radio in Melb/Per/Syd
11. Signed a US publishing deal for our first album
12. Toured Australia with Rock The Schools 2010

The Violet Flames are a three piece indie rock band originally from Perth, Western Australia, where all members went to high school together. The band consists of Jackson Proud (vocals, guitar), Clinton Weaver (bass) and James Forrest (drums).

After gigging solidly in Perth for a few years the band released an EP in 2008, called Sun City Stadium which received airplay on Perth commercial radio stations and earned them a support slot for Bon Jovi in front of thirty thousand people.

After a successful east coast tour in support of the EP, the band decided to expand their opportunities and relocate to Melbourne in 2008. Since moving to Melbourne, The Violet Flames have quickly built up a solid fan base and a reputation as an entertaining live act.

In the past year the band has played at music festivals, scored national radio play on Nova and TripleM, toured around Australia, been featured on US compilation CDs and college radio stations, played in shopping centres, sold out single launches, played live in a maximum security prison, and toured with the Australian Defence Force around Afghanistan and military bases in The Middle East to entertain coalition troops.

The band’s most recent achievements are signing a US publishing deal with revered LA producer David Kershenbaum and his company Music Pros Hollywood, and also being selected for Rock The Schools 2010, a tour of 70 high schools around Australia.

From here, the band has scheduled the release of their first album in late 2010.