The Violet Masons

The Violet Masons


The Violet Masons are a unique mixture of singer/songwriter-based lyricism and dramatic instrumentation that makes for an unforgettable live show. Mary-Charlotte Young's voice is rich and powerful; her songs tastefully written; her subject matter broad and ever-expanding.


The Violet Masons, a south Gerogia based duo, mix aspects of traditional songwriting with often surrealist lyrics and technical musicianship in a fashion that allows songs to flirt with various styles from reggae to country. Multi-instrumentalist/producer Matt Williams, 28, and singer/songwriter Mary-Charlotte Young, 23, are The Violet Masons.
Recently relocated to College Station, TX, Young and Williams are currently working on a self-produced studio project due out in the spring. The songs are written mostly by Young and arranged and produced by Williams. Given the strong imagery in Young's lyrics, it should be no surprise that she is a visual artist as well as a musician. She graduated from Wesleyan College (Macon, GA) in 2004 where she double majored in Studio Art and Film/Media Communication; the two subjects that have opened her eyes to perception, meaning, and true artistic expression. Her major musical influences include Melanie, The Cure, and Neutral Milk Hotel. Williams, a lifetime student of music, focuses on advancing in the arts of improvisational lead guitar and unique production style. Some of his musical influences are Trey Anastasio, Herbie Hancock and even Pat Methany. The Violet Masons' live performances are often mellow but a force to be reckoned with. Williams utilizes looping technology to build tasteful collages of sound that are partnered with Young's strong, sincere vocals and dreamy lyrics. This original sound is what has given them the opportunity to play with acts such as BlueString, The Lovell Sisters, and Cast Iron Filter. They can also draw a crowd on their own headlining at several venues in the Georgia/ north Florida region. They have performed at 550 Blues in Macon, GA, The Lucas Theater in Savannah, GA, The Green Turtle Tavern in Fernandina Beach, FL and as the house band at Rafters Blues and Raw Bar on St. Simons Island, GA. also recognizes the genuine artistry in The Violet Masons' music by crediting them with several awards that include Track of the Week, Best Female Vocals, Best Mood, Best Programming/ Production, and Best Chillout Track for their song "Laura," which was recently ranked as high as #4 in their Folk Rock catagory, and is currently at #6. Their song "Next Life
Number Nine" is ranked #7 on the same chart, and has also received several awards, including Track of the Day.



Written By: The Violet Masons

Laura moved from Santa Fe/ She traded a cage for freedom/ Windows rolled down she pulled into my town/ And I watched her step out/ Like a queen from her throne/ Into a kingdom that was not her own/ Laura moved in about a mile away/ I used to visit the place she stayed/ Never told her how I loved her so/ She moved my soul to revolution and my eyes wept tears gold/ And none of our moments could be bought or sold/ We got high and I got brave/ Layed it down all the things I never said/ You're my Juliet and you have to stay/ Then she locked up my heart and swallowed the key/ And this is all that remains of me

Last Day in July

Written By: The Violet Masons

Walking past windmills on the way to California when the sky opened up just above us/ enflamed matchstick trees swayed to angels' songs/ and tumbleweeds were dancing fireballs/ we came to a place where noone could touch us/ when a lake erupted all around you and me/ the earth beneath our feet rose above it/ above the fire and ash, water and stars we were free from sound and what we lacked/ we layed in the grass pointing out the Seven Sisters who faced Orion with their backs/ fear fled from our hearts and you were so beautiful/ the night we watched the fireworks that God did fly for us on the last day in July.

What Color Dress

Written By: The Violet Masons

Hellcat hair blown back by wind/ barebelly bathing suit, sunburned skin/ cohort conversation, smokestack beside/ apparition apart, skinny diet white/ cowboy girl when she was ten/ naked wearing only grins/ what color dress would you like to be buried in/ wife to a coalmine, motorcycle, apple pie/ kissing games with the girls in a line that she made/ cricket symphonies giving seranade/ remind me of a girl who moved away to Texas/ I see only where her back is/ though we were brothers and the sky who kissed/ what color dress would you like to be buried in/ Shaved-head hairdo post six beers/ be not fooled nor filled with fear/ volcanic hearts house their years/ rooms for faces, joy, and tears/ another good twenty-four hours pass/ and we are cast as the pretty girls again/ what color dress would you like to be buried in


Tracklist from our self-released, self-produced, self-titled demo CD:

1.What Color Dress
2. Segue One
3. Pale Girl 4. Segue Two
5. Laura
6. Segue Three
7. Time Turned Away
8. Segue Four
9. House
10. Segue Five
11. Last Day in July
12. Segue Six
13. Shame My Dear

Set List

Setlist opening for The Gourds at Third Floor Cantina, Bryan, TX:

You Came a Callin'
Shame My Dear
Time Turned Away
Last Day in July
Next Life Number Nine
Shape of Kathryn
Y Control (Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover)
Protect Me (James cover)
Star-Covered American Box
Brand New Key (Melanie cover)
What Color Dress
Pale Girl

Encore: With or Without You (U2 cover)

We have around an hour to an hour and a half of live original music. We can play as long as four hours with the covers we do, which are quite vast in taste and feel. Rap, reggae, blues, bluegrass, jazz, funk, country, rock, etc. are genres we get into in our own way.