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As the red carpet action wound down at the NME awards Wednesday, local band The Virginia City Revival made the entrance of the evening!
The band pulled up in a flatbed truck, blasting live music down Wilshire Boulevard. Still rocking, the lead singer, Reverend Josey DeVille and guitar player Gaby Faye Godhead jumped off of the truck and ran around the crowd and into the streets, completely freaking out security. Because security's goal of the night was to keep the sidewalk clear. While being chased by security, Gaby slammed right into me, and I realized, "I know her. I have seen this giant Asian schoolgirl and that cowboy somewhere before." Maybe only in my dreams.
Check out the link for video and pictures. - LAist Hollywood link .

Imagine a goofier Tom Jones fronting Motorhead, if the speeding punk metal band had actually been from the southern United States, during a cabaret show in Las Vegas. Got that image in mind? Maybe mix in some Ween or The Cramps and that is about as close a description as you can get to The Virginia City Revival. As terrifying as it might seem, The Virginia City Revival make their debut release “A Bandin’ The Herd” a wild ride that never stops rocking hard.

Instrumentation speeds at a breakneck pace past twittering vocals for the catchy “Mexican Newscaster” while the amped up falsetto vocals off punky sneers on “I’m Not Ready” over thick bass and exaggerated riffs. Elsewhere, the band keeps up their rapid delivery and tight instrumentation. “Addicted” flies by with a swinging sound that puts the pedal to the metal from time to time while the pounding rhythm of “King of Weed” brings Lemmy and his mates to mind. The spacey bubbling of “Man is the Curse of Man” recalls Ween before the Virginia City Revival opt for a heavy metal drive. “We got a Slurpee machine over here for all the kids who want to commit suicide,” Rev. Josey DeVille announces before the band breaks into loose, jaunty rock that borrows the thumping “Viva Las Vegas” riff by way of the Dead Kennedys.

“A Bandin’ The Herd” is quite the production. Each song is carefully scripted and performed. The Virginia City Revival sells themselves on each and every song and always make sure that the show does, indeed, go on. While the Virginia City Revival’s record does get kind of lengthy, it is the kind of album made for having a good time.
- Plug in music

It’s been quite a long time since a truly freakish new group came crawling out of the Hollywood/Eastside gutters, but the Virginia City Revival fits the bill. Maybe we’re living in a more conservative era, but at least as recently as, oh, 17 years ago, it seemed as if most bands in the area were trying to outdo the Chili Peppers in the outlandish-antics department. But, aside from such fetish cartoons as the Genitorturers, there’s been a kind of sameness in the scene that’s softly crept in like a feline in the night, then stayed forever.

But these here local cats seem hell-bent on sucking up all the attention the old-fashioned way, as in: JUST WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY DOING OVER THERE? The sextet is an all-inclusive multiethnic group of wacked-out loons. (Like who? Well, longtime club-crawlers might remember guitarist Gaby Godhead from his – her? his? – days with horror-rockers Haunted Garage.) The sound begins with dual percussionists JxPx and Mista John hammering down a tribal beat, as Rev. Josey DeVille rants and rages about sin in grand ol’ tent-revival fashion over the squall created by the double-guitar attack. The name of the group’s debut album bespeaks its unifying aim: It’s called A Bandin’ the Herd (Dawn of the White Light Records), and, while it’s hard to say if TVCR is on a mission from God, there’s no mistaking its wonderful zeal. Also on the bill: Pussy Cow, Jean Paul Yamamoto, and Torrance Stonewall Jackson.

Tue. at Safari Sam’s, 5214 W. Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, at 8 p.m. $6. (323) 666-7267 or
- LA CITY BEAT. Author Josh Sindell


"A Bandin' the Herd" - full length album, Dawn of the White Light Records - 2007

Single "Drink for Free" from "A Bandin' the Herd" appears in the Jackass Video Game (Red Mile Ent.) 2007

Farewell to George W Bush- album- Dawn of the
White Light Records-2008

Co-wrote the title theme to Steve O's TV show, Dr. Steve O (USA Networks - Bunim/Murray Prods.)

Co-wrote and recorded "Dumb Idea" from Steve O's forthcoming hip hop album on Universal Records

Numerous tracks from "A Bandin' the Herd" are used in Steve O's upcoming, "Paparazzi Stuntman" DVD




Mercy! THE VIRGINIA CITY REVIVAL is a spectacle beyond description!

This is music for the new depression! These odd desert boys are on a mission to firebomb the modern rock wasteland!

Led by a shadowy but charismatic figure, the Rev. Josey DeVille, The Virginia City Revival has been taking its caffeinated Cramps meets Tent Revival show to stages all around Southern California. Most recently, they’ve delivered the rock ‘n roll Holy Ghost to a rather large crowd at the Eagle Rock Music Festival, turning the crowd into a frenzied congregation.

DeVille’s voice invokes Elvis, Nick Cave, and a speeded-out Leon Russell, tempered with the spiritual demeanor of a Jim Jones or Charles Manson. Beset on both sides by fiery guitar riffs and manic power chords, courtesy of guitarists, Sister Gaby Godhead and Brother R. Mutt, new audiences stare in disbelief.

Their sound is pure California, but like a surfer on fire, with a massive wave advancing from behind. That wave is pushed by the rhythm section of the band, bassist Brother P-Three, and two drummers, Brother Mista John & Brother JxPx.

When the wave crashes and recedes, you are left hearing the remnant bite of The Dead Kennedys, the soul-sound of X, the full party attitude of Van Halen, and sweet torture of the Beach Boys. But put a tilt on it kid, this is a band residing in SOUTHERN California.

The good folks over at Jackass felt the band’s frenetic sound so matched the energy level for Jackass – The Game, that they used the band’s track, “DRINK FOR FREE” in the game.

“Drink for Free” is one of 16 tracks on the band’s forthcoming debut release,
“A BANDIN’ THE HERD.” The album was released in November 2007 on Dawn of the White Light Records.

The band has also produced a video for their song "Congo Lisa" which was co-directed by Jackass cinematographer/producer, DIMITRY ELYASKEVICH. The video PREMIERED ON MTV in February 2008, during the JACKASS 24 HOUR TAKEOVER of the MTV Network. It can now be viewed on Youtube at:

Jackass cast member, Steve O, even liked the band’s music so much that he asked them to co-pen and record the theme music for “Dr. Steve O,” his new television show on the USA Network.

This right here is a new sound people. It’s the universal anti-cult, acid freak-out of California, and Voodoo-belt Vegas all in the same taco. Join the Virginia City Revival, make the Virginia City Revival your own.