the Virginmarys

the Virginmarys


After every performance we have done over the past two years the word most people use when they come up to us is. . ."WOW!" Put simply, there is no live act on the planet like the virginmarys.


The virginmarys mix blues and psychedelia with heavy rock'n'roll, creating a dark and powerful sound that resonates influence from the late 60's and 70's.

Renowned for their explosive live performances, the virginmarys continue to capture audiences wherever they play.

Most recently the band have shot a video for their forthcoming single with Stephen Graham (star of This is England, Snatch, Gangs of New York) and have completed the recording of their debut album 'Self Medication'


Debut LP entitled " Self Medication" 2008

1. Yours Sincerely
2. Thousand Times
3. You've got your money, I've got my soul
4. Soul Vampire
5. Satellite
6. Everyones a Criminal
7. Self Medication
8. Silence
9. Off to another land
10. Portrait of Red
11. So Dumb
12. Brothers
13. Ends don't mend

Set List

Set times approx (30-1 hour)

1. Thousand Times
2. Off to another land
3. Soul vampire
4. Satellite
5. Bang Bang Bang
6. Portrait of Red
7. So Dumb
8. Ends don't mend