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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Review 1"

Playing one of guestlist's performances of ITC THE VIRGIN MARYS are a true rock band. They play with a storming energy not really seen this side of the 1970s and are one of those bands that you know should be massive, but will probably not be commercial enough for the press and radios. Its a huge shame as this is a band that write songs with passion and grit and are absolutely amazing live.

If you don’t read any more of this review just remember one thing, “Go and see this band”. They are a revelation and one of the best bands we have seen this year. A three piece playing good, old fashioned blues rock they play to a packed Dry Bar and before the first song is over have the crowd completely on their side. Launching into recent single 'Soul Vampire' they show they can write songs so catchy you find yourself singing along once the first verse is over. Boasting what must be one of the best drummers in the North West we can’t take our eyes off him for the majority of the set as he flails around his set like a man possessed. We’re not sure if this is music that will ever sell as much as it deserves to but for a live experience you can’t beat it......guestlist - Guestlist

"Review 2"

You can see the sweat dripping from the ceiling as The Virginmarys take to the stage to headline The Aftershow. Harking back to the days where long unkempt hair and monstrous bluesy riffs were the norm, their sound is unashamedly 70s esque, but who cares when the songs are this good and the performance is so intense that it could literally peel the paint from walls?

Combining guitar playing that Jimmy Page would be proud of with throaty vocals that ooze rock 'n' roll is no easy task, yet this is exactly what the lead singer / guitarist manages whilst bass player and drummer provide a rock steady groove throughout a well paced and extremely loud set. Portrait of Red has some of the best lead guitar work you're likely to see, building upon the rhythm section's intricate work, whilst Off to Another Land hurtles along on a boogie that has me reaching for the whisky bottle as I head to accost some ladies on the dancefloor. Satellite builds spookily on a foundation of dark riffs and tumbling drumfills, with the spirit of Jim Morrison resurrected ast he vocals cut through the air with a menacing edge. With a recently inked local record deal, it surely won't be long before The Virginmarys go on to bigger and better things; I'm just glad that I can say 'I was there from the start'........guestlist - Guestlist

"Review 3"

"The Virginmarys are meaty stuff; raw, intoxicating rock and roll in the finest traditions of the genre. Unmistakably transatlantic in their influences, there’s little wonder they went down well on Sunset Boulevard – if they can deliver an album as energetic and free-wheeling as their demos suggest, they might well find the rest of America wants a piece of them too."
Chris Long bbc manchester - BBC


Debut LP entitled " Self Medication" 2008

1. Yours Sincerely
2. Thousand Times
3. You've got your money, I've got my soul
4. Soul Vampire
5. Satellite
6. Everyones a Criminal
7. Self Medication
8. Silence
9. Off to another land
10. Portrait of Red
11. So Dumb
12. Brothers
13. Ends don't mend



The virginmarys mix blues and psychedelia with heavy rock'n'roll, creating a dark and powerful sound that resonates influence from the late 60's and 70's.

Renowned for their explosive live performances, the virginmarys continue to capture audiences wherever they play.

Most recently the band have shot a video for their forthcoming single with Stephen Graham (star of This is England, Snatch, Gangs of New York) and have completed the recording of their debut album 'Self Medication'