The Vital Signs

The Vital Signs


We are a 4 piece band and we all have the same goal! which is to write great songs, after that we feel with alot of hard work everything else will fall into place, and at the moment it is, so check us out sooner rather than later, you wont be disappointed.


Formed in late september 2005, by a group of friends who were sick of hearing new music which just wasn't exciting enough, we decided to try and create some excitement of our own, and to write songs which appealed to us and our friends, songs about nights lost to clubbing, and the all to familier monday morning monotony. We recorded a demo in november 2005 which made its way to the producer paul tipler ( the wonderstuff, Forward Russia etc: ) who liked what he heard, and we are going to be recording our debut E.P with paul in late 2006


N/A But not for long!

Set List

(1.) Falling Down
(2.) In The End
(3.) Hey Charlie
(4.) Satellites And Presidents
(5.) Prison Cell
(6.) 1964
(7.) Over My Head
(8.) Where Have All The Good Times Gone?
(9.) It's Alright
(10.) Loaded Gun
(11.) Turn On The Wireless
(12.) They Buy Planes

50 to 60minute set at the moment, all original