The Voice Of

The Voice Of


It's loud. It's intelligent. It's beautiful. It's different from what you've ever heard or come to expect from a rock band, but will remind you of something you love. You really should hear it.


The Voice Of formed in early 2005 as little more than a few guys thrown together to do an open mic performance. After a couple of lineup changes, and a couple of name changes, here we are. We made a record, and promptly started to rethink the music we make. We found the beauty in spaces, and rediscovered purpose in rhythm. We've always been influenced by bands like the Beatles, Radiohead, Wilco, the Kinks, and so forth. We've also been changed by the Arcade Fire, My Morning Jacket, Muse, the Flaming Lips, Built to Spill and, most importantly, the everyday sounds and experiences of life.


"Polarity" - 14 track debut album. Copyright 2007.

Set List

Original Music - 30 songs.