The Voice Project

The Voice Project

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

I would say hot new sexy inviting and will make your body move.


Weell To begin I sing what I feel How I feel I took the rule books and threw it out the window. If I cry laugh yell what ever im feelingI start writing and I try to talk about topics Others wont. Its A nice hard soft soulful sound you have no other choice but to dance sway or dip lol . Im living my dream and cant stop just boke doing it lol. Do what you love and go hard.


Potion 99
Awaken My body
Boy I like What I see
Fight for me man
I love I love
Rumble in the bed room just to name a few. This is me on signal radio in the uk.. This is me on reverbnation.. and a few other sites if you need them

Set List

I normally perform up to five peices. Depending on the venue...Each song is anywhere from 4 to 7 mins.