The Voluntears

The Voluntears


The name of the band is a mix of Volunteers (which is the Jefferson Airplane's record) and Tears. The psychedelic idea of music cohabit with cool sounds from the New Wave Era.


The Band, formed in Tuscany in 2005, is composed by 4 four young guys (18). The band has played more than 100 gigs in his town and has been selected by RADIOWAVE (the radio of the famous italian festival ItaliaWave) as the best band in Arezzo.
The Voluntears has also played this summer at "Italia Wave Love Festival", one of the greatest musical events in Italy.Their performance has been recorded By RAI (the most important italian Tv Channel) and can be watched on the official RAI site.


The Farthest Star

Written By: Federico Boncompagni

i feel the sickness in my brain like the ghost of my past
i'm so bored that i can't be glad.
anything i do is uncontrollable, i'm like a machine moved by the fear
i'm so bored that i can't be glad.
i am absent, i feel strange, my eyes are like eyes
i'm so bored that i can't be glad.
i feel the sickness on my cute, eternal sweet slides on my body
i'm so bored that i can't be glad.
watching the sky, kissing the earth i can enjoy my life and anything around
seeing a smile, feeling the time i can find the meaning of my life.
i am, i live, i love, i'll grow up and then i'll die to reach the farthest star.


The Voluntears-Self Produced,2006
Meaningless-Self Produced 2008

Set List

This Is Our Typical Set, all songs has been written by us except Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division:

Intro,Man W/out a Soul,Control,The Farest Star, Adrenaline, Love Will Tear Us Apart, Save Me Set Me Free, Lady Macbeth.