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"The Volunteer "Mixtape Sessions""

Vancouver has better producers than it does rappers, which might explain why local hip-hop is so unknown to people outside the scene. Without charismatic MCs, the community will remain small and anonymous, but that doesn't mean there's no good music being made within its walls.

The Volunteerz are revivalists with a profound regard for '70s-era soul and R&B, crate diggers building their beats from dusty vinyl samples in the golden-era style. On Mixtape Sessions, they gather a half-dozen would-be contestants from VH1's (White) Rapper Show to spit over their piano- and horn-dappled productions. While not without their dainty charms, these tracks are sorely lacking in variation and verve, impressive in snippets but lacking in the rhythmic and key changes that make for good songs.

Publish Date August 16,2007 - The Georgia Straight


The Volunteerz "Mixtape Sessions" (2007)



At a height of 6'4, he's the one who stands out in the crowd, always dressed to impress, but more concerned with impressing each member of the audience individually then mass crowd appeal. A resume of considerable note while being in the music industry for under 3 years, West Coast artist Karl Edward is the fresh new approach hiphops been waiting for. Fusing together 1980's adult contemporary with modern synth, live instrumentation and tongue & cheak wordplay create Karl's upbeat and catchy vibe.

"Funk funk funk! He knows exactly how to flow over a beat like this. What can I say ...fresh! "(Doc Vaporz signature review

Karl Edward, in his brief time in the music industry has collaborated with artists such as MC Paul Barman (Deltron 3030) Kutmasta Kurt (Linkin Park reanimation) Jacky Jasper (Dr Dooom) Moka Only (Swollen Members), and Eloise & Lord T (Al Kapone) Not only is Karl becoming quickly known for his involvement on the mic but he's crating a reputable name for himself right now as a producer in certain well established circles.

"Next level material." - Dave MacCallum (Abort Mag)

Growing up in Vancouver B.C., Karl discovered his love for music at a young age. At first he took piano and guitar lessons but was bored by the material he was instructed to play. Soon after he started writing and recording his own hiphop tracks which he would include on cd’s he was burning for his schoolmates. Once gaining the respect of his peers Karl hit every mic available, rocking house parties and local venues alongside
his longtime friend Mike G (The Volunteerz). Together they recorded some demo tracks that got out on tape, progressed to hooking up more shows, but continued to focus most of their energy on beat making.

"Impressive" - Martin Turenne (Georgia Straight)

In 2005, Karl and Mike decided that the Vancouver hiphop scene was in great need of a change. Previous groups such as The Swollen Members
had created a sound that was their own but the majority of rap coming out of Vancouver was cookie cutter L.A., NewYork and Southern inspired.
Determined to break the mold the two researched the origins of hiphop while Mike completed his training as a graphic designer.

Later that year Karl was introduced to Mikes college mate Ivan Mathew. The three of them instantly hit it off musically and overall creatively.
During this time Karl was working independently with a local indie producer named Dean Trotter on an unnamed mixtape. Karl and Dean gave away so many free beats to artists in Vancouver and Seattle that they came up with an appropriate name The Volunteerz. The mixtape featured Dean and Karl producing all of the beats and Mike creating all the artwork.

In early 2006, Karl and Dean had a falling out. Karl wanted to stay true to the groups original plan while Dean wanted to branch off into several
different genres of music. The Volunteerz were soon one member less as they perused their original vision and Dean stayed producing hiphop
under his alias Lekz The Specialist. Within two months, Karl had gone from being whats known to some as a “myspace rapper” to creating music on an international level. Karl without the help of a manager or booking agent collaborated with an impressive list of well established rappers and producers who were incredibly excited about The Volunteerz creative vision.

2008 has started off with a bang, The Volunteerz have performed several shows this year for a crowd of thousands while selling over 600 copies hand to hand of The Volunteerz: mixtape sessions. A group project entitled Rushden & Diamonds - Suddenly , Commercial radio play and international tour schedule are all in the works this year for Vancouver’s breakthrough artists.

"Its hard to be accepted in this industry by the ones who follow and don’t create for themselves. The hiphop trap is easily avoided by staying true to your creative vision while reaching out to those who tend to follow the leader." Karl Edward