The Voodoo Fix

The Voodoo Fix

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

“After just one listen, it’s clear that they aren’t messing around– singer Abe Rivers, guitarist Scott Parelli, bassist Will Halsey and drummer Emmett Rozelle have found what drives them, and they’ll follow that passion to the end of the earth and back.”—Elmore Magazine (USA)


Formed in southern Los Angeles, The Voodoo Fix are a must see live band with a sound that echoes the soul of rock & roll, West Coast funk, and Chicago Blues.  With a constant touring schedule, the band developed a cult fan base spanning the US and Europe. On their new album Back For More, The Voodoo Fix creates an alluring sound filled with primal grooves and hook-laden melodies greased with soul.  After relocating to Nashville, the band caught the attention of independent radio giant Lightning 100's Music City Mayhem, winning the competition and earning an evening slot at Live on the Green Music Festival with the likes of Michael Franti, Spoon, Portugal the Man, and Saint Paul & The Broken Bones.  The Voodoo Fix is built from the ground up with an air tight show that can only be earned through years of working the stage.  Wielding a balance of youthful energy and old-school show business, the band and crew are clearly in it for the people, leaving crowds ecstatic, energized, and wanting more.  Now with two European tours under their belt, a packed schedule  across the US, and a new record under way, The Voodoo Fix are cementing their place in rock and roll while growing an empire built on one undeniable live show.   

Abe Rivers – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Will Halsey – Bass, Vocals
Scott Parrelli – Guitar, Vocals
Emmett Rozelle – Drums

"The Voodoo Fix combines the swirling guitars of the Black Keys with the grittiness of Howlin' Wolf that will keep fans dancing into the late hours of the night." 

– Relix Magazine

“To say their sound is eclectic would be an understatement. The Voodoo Fix does what very few bands can do well: they mesh together a multitude of genres and create something cohesive, unique, and catchy.”

–Backbeat, NJ Times (USA)

“The crystal clear production from Grammy decorated producer Shannon Sanders makes all instruments shine in their own space while accentuating signature parts like a sparkling piano run, a spacey intro, a subtle blues harp, and a hearty laugh at the end of a song.” –Rock Blog Blues Spot (Germany)


Step Right Up EP - 2014
Long Winter (Single) - 2012
Life Broke Down (Single) - 2012
Not For Nothing LP - 2011
Vol. 1 EP - 2010
The Voodoo Fix EP - 2009
Demo - 2007