The VooDooMonx

The VooDooMonx


We are a power trio who is dedicated to rocking the crowd. Our music feeds the soul and frees the spirit...


The VooDooMonx have been growing strong for the past 12 years and hard work has been our motto. Having picked up many fans along the way, our musical genre appeals to a vast public of all ages. Since the age of 14, when the band was formed, we have been three individuals determined to rock the music scene. With influences like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bryan Adams, Eric Clapton, and Dave Matthews, our music ranges from hot to hotter!

Upon entering the international "Emergenza" music competition, The VooDooMonx were pitted against some 250 rival bands in the montreal region. We finished as third best band, yet won the best bassist award, second best vocal, second best guitarist and third best drummer. To top it all off, Converse awarded over 500$ of sportsware and the affiliated recording studio(lequid studio) awarded 20 hours of recording time.

Furthurmore, we opened for La Chicane( A Popular Quebecois band) infront of more than 13,000 people! We also were selected to perform on a T.V show(Les Pourris de Talents) on "Musique Plus"(The french equivilant of much music) And on a major radio station in montreal (CKMF 94.3FM)! We appeared a total of 10 times and received a ton positive feedback!


The VooDooMonx "Matter of Time" (2003)
The VooDooMonx "RAW"

Set List

Perfect harmony
Long way up to heaven
Because of you
All alone
Brand new day
Fields of heaven
My friend
Cherry blossoms
Come fly with me
Beleive in yourself
Inside out
Just the other day
Farmer song
Sitting on top of the world
Don't waste your time
Kissing you goodbye
Boogie Madness
Matter of Time
2 Headed Monster


Roxanne (the police)
Fly like an eagle (steve miller band)
I shot the sheriff (eric clapton)
Under the bridge (red hot chili pepers)
Mustang sally (c.c.r)
Long train running (doobie brothers)
Natural Mystic (bob marley)
Aeroplane (red hot chili pepers)
Pulp fiction
supersticious (stevie wonder)
billy jean (mickeal jackson)
virtual insanity (jamiroquai)
sex machine (james brown)