The Voolas

The Voolas

 Edinburgh, Scotland, GBR

Take the unexplainable high that you felt when you first heard rock n roll. Think of the emotion surrounding you when a song first moved you. Feel the lustful rawness of a gig. This is 'The Voolas' and they will excite on every level.

'What happens when the lights go out'.


Hailed by Sir Paul Mcartney as a "confident, musically outstanding and charismatic outfit who are destined to become a household name in British music." Tony Visconti (Record producer who's credits include: David Bowie & T-Rex) described them as "restoring" his faith in music.
Formed out of the ashes of "The Hurricanes'', 'The Voolas' have been honing their sound for a number of years. An eclectic mix of musicians all from very different backgrounds ensures that each song of theirs is different from the next. Each has a story behind it. Imagine the beauty of a country melody and the expression of folk lyrics with the raw thumping of New Orleans R&B and 60's garage beat and you are getting close to what 'The Voolas' are about.
Dissatisfied by what the music scene is throwing up at the moment, they have drawn inspiration from the collective scene of the laurel canyon in 1967/75. The coming together of creatives and artists all intertwining with each other is an important part of everything they do. A collection of individuals finding a sound together rather than a uniformed band.
'The Voolas' exist for music sake and that is to revolutionise, move forward and excite in everything they do. 'The Voolas' are what happens when the lights go out.


2010 Demo/E.P:

"Going Insane" - Blow/Dobie
"Home For Me" - Blow/Dobie
"All My Time" - Blow/Dobie

Radio play on XFM & BBC.

2011 'Wear The Crown' E.P:

"Lonely Boy" - Blow/Dobie
"Sunset" - Blow/Dobie
"Wear The Crown" - Blow/Dobie
"Breakaway" - Blow/Dobie