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"Bang Out of Order EP review"

Retro 60s psychedelic garage rock band who split their time between Dublin and New York and bear a far more obvious similarity to their influences - the Move, the Kinks or the Pretty Things - than current revivalists like the Coral. The Voxys are a lot more focused and consequently they bring the energy level up several notches as well. This tantalizingly brief ep, generously made available by the band for free download, leaves you wanting a whole lot more. It starts off with Sixth Floor, its catchy minor-to-major melody pulsing along on a fast shuffling reggaeish beat: “You’ll end up like your mother…less drunk and dead,” the singer deadpans, the band led by the bass in a sprint up the scale at the end. Track two, Uncle’s Gaff is fast and bouncy and sounds like the Jam if they’d been around in 1965, pubbing it up with Dick Taylor and Phil May. The title track punches along on a predictable one-flat3-4 hook; the last of the four tracks, Dirty Protest layers a ridiculously catchy, fiery guitar hook over some jangly, Byrdsy chord work and it’s flat-out gorgeous, all the way through to its surprisingly sunny chorus. Happily, the Voxys do frequent NYC gigs: they sound like they’d be a tremendously fun live band. Watch this space for details. - Lucid Culture

"The Voxys Club NME Feb 12th review"

I wasn't familiar with The Voxys until a couple of weeks ago. Thus, I had obviously never seen them perform. But, I checked out their music and liked what I heard so I was looking forward to their set. They didn't disappoint me either. The band, Julian Colin Sylvester (guitar/vocals), Trevor Murphy (guitar/vocals), William McCormack (bass) and Chad Flewwelling (drums) put on a fun, energetic set. Their garage rock sound was infused with the perfect amount of jangle pop to keep you dancing along the whole show.

I walked in knowing that as long as they played "Bang Out Of Order" I'd walk away from their set with a smile on my face. Well, they played it and I smiled! I however realized immediately, long before they played that particular song, that I was going to walk away from their set with a smile regardless.

If you happened to have missed the show, you missed a good one. But, fear not, if you're in the New York area, they'll be playing at Mercury Lounge on March 12.

I enjoyed them a lot. Check them out live if you get the chance. You'll have a good time.

For those in need of The Voxys at home, they have a four song EP out titled Bang Out Of Order. An EP isn't nearly enough but it'll hold you over. -

"The Voxys at Mercury Lounge 3/12"

About a month ago, I informed all that The Voxys gained a new fan, me! Thursday night, I had the pleasure of seeing them perform again. The band, Julian Colin Sylvester (guitar/vocals), Trevor Murphy (guitar/vocals), William McCormack (bass) and Chad Flewwelling (drums) took the Mercury Lounge stage as part of the 2009 Craic Fest. For those that aren't familiar, The Craic Fest is an annual festival that presents a cultural feast of Irish film and music.

I was really looking forward to seeing The Voxys again. There aren't a lot of bands around that inspire that in me. Those that do, well, you read about them here ... like now. The Voxys are a brilliantly fun band. They have a sound that has them knee deep in the waters of raw garage rock. At the same time, they're reminiscent of 60's Brit pop complete with driving jangly guitars and danceable rhythms. At times, you almost expect to see them wearing matching suits and mop tops. Their live energy inspires and encourages you to bop around.

They kicked off their ten song set with "Bang Out of Order." It set the tone perfectly for the rest of the show. The whole set was great. I'd have to say the highlights of the night for me were the Beatlesque "Sunshine At Midnight" and "Wake Up Penelope." My only complaint is I wish they could have played longer!

They left me with a big smile on my face; a smile that saw me home while bobbing my head to remnants of their set, a set that continued playing in my head long after the band had left the stage. Sure, I garnered some strange looks on the train ride home but, I didn't care. I had a head full of The Voxys and that folks isn't a bad thing to have! -


Bang Out of Order ( 4 song EP available on iTunes)

Songs currently streaming on myspace:

- Uncles' Gaff
- Bang Out of Order
- We die from that
- Dirty Protest
- Antipodes



The Voxys started life in early 2008 when Trevor placed an ad in a New York music magazine. Julian hailing from the Falkland Islands and Trevor from Dublin, Ireland, soon met in a bar to discuss starting the band. Originally brought together by their love of British Invasion and late 70's punk they agreed to form a band to make the music they wanted to hear.

The two lads were soon joined by bass player, and fellow Irish man, William McCormack the trio vigorously began writing and rehearsing their songs. Fast forward 6 months, along came drummer Chad Flewwelling from Flint, Michigan.

They clicked instantly and within a few days of meeting Chad they booked a recording studio and started recording their first demo.
Equipped with set list consisting 10 original tunes The Voxys decided it was time to earn their chops and hit the New York City dive bar circuit. To date they band have played a series of packed out gigs throughout New York City and Ireland.