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VOYCE is a mix of masta ace meets method man vocals over krs one production and mindstate. He brings a stripped down production style with high energy and a focus on vocal prowess to his live show and recordings. His message is simple, "i am the people."


THEVOYCE is a brilliantly smooth Hip Hop MC who weaves his unique Caribbean Canadian flare into thought provoking lyrical content, catchy hip hop hooks and solid production. His musical style evolves from the community in which he lives. THEVOYCE is heavily influenced by his desire to impart what he sees as a realistic and spiritual view of the world to his growing fan base; especially his youth audience.

THEVOYCE is set to drop his debut album "STREETLIGHT" in the fall of 2007. ‘STREETLIGHT promises to be an enticing feast of smart lyrics and tight production by USR Records, label producer Ron Tuttle aka "Casper. ‘Future’ a visionary, wake-up call featured on ‘STREETLIGHT’ is already making waves in the underground Hip Hop circuit!

A multi-talented and consummate performer with an ebullient personality, THEVOYCE is able to parlay his skills into various art forms. He has performed at a number of events and locales around Toronto including the Drug Free Marshals Concert Showcase at Nathan Phillips Square.

As a master of ceremonies he is repeatedly called upon to host various events around the city. He recently hosted the fundraising exposition for ‘Breakaway relief centre’ alongside CFRB 1010 radio personality Spider Jones. As an actor he essayed the role of the fictional Dr. Marcel Danticat -a Haitian Environmentalist in the year 2057- as part of the University of Toronto’s Black History Month Celebration V.I.B.E 2007.

His commitment to giving back to his community ever-present, THEVOYCE is a coordinator for beatz to da streetz, Toronto's first non-profit arts program that aims to empower homeless and underserved youth ages 16-24 to reach their full potential through urban arts.

With vision, talent, and style -THEVOYCE is definitely on his way to becoming a strong contender on the World Hip Hop scene-

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The Future

Written By: THEVOYCE


I shed a tear for the future
Care for the future
Believe me
You should have no fear
For the future
Stay near to the future
You will see
How I influence him
Like he influence me
I invest in the future
Time, Gear, Money, Love
Me and the future
A perfect pair
I do that work and he gives me a purpose here

I dine with the future
Spend time with the future
I can't let the future
Catch me in a stupour
So I stay sober for the future
Cause I believe if I don't
It's over for the future
I ride for the future
Survive for the future
If need be believe me I die
For the future
And I'd cry if the future dies
I see hope when I look into the future's eyes so

I believe the children they the future
Don't let the future
Grow up to shoot ya
Cause I believe the children they the future
Let's teach em well
Have em lead the way, still!

And when the
Future smiles it's beautiful y'all
God said mulitiply
Make a future for all
I can't wait till my future's in the palm of my hand
But for now I tell the future all of my plans
I hope they come to fruition
I'm comfortable wishin'
The Future, prosperity, discipline, wisdom
Ugh Ugh
So that the future grows strong
I discipline the future so he never goes wrong

And that's alright
The future all bright
My favourite song for the future is "More Life"
And that's a song by Vybez Kartel
And if you threaten my future I break loose all hell
Cause I
Love the future and he loves me back
If he ask
I carry the future on my back
Till the future can stand on his own
And I embrace the future anywhere
The streets or my home cause

I believe the children they the future
Don't let the futureGrow up to shoot ya
Cause I believe the children they the future
Let's teach em well
Have em lead the way, still!

The future ain't "packin no chrome"
Cause I taught the future that lifestyle's for actors alone
The future he acts on his own
But I give him nudges in the right direction
My poems!
The future is prone
To all types of hazards
While he sleeps I'm writing
All types of Ballads
To make sure the future stay balanced
My only fear for the future
Is our nonchalance
You up to the challenge?
The future is
Act now and you sure to see the future's kids
They'll be gorgeous, well rounded, not racists
facilitating changes
In short, astounding
And for the future my heart just keeps pounding
If blood is thicker than water
Then we drowning
And so I stay cautious of the future
to gain a heart of wisdom
That's knowledge for the future

I believe the children they the future
Don't let the futureGrow up to shoot ya
Cause I believe the children they the futureLet's teach em wellHave em lead the way, still!

© 2006 Mario A Murray aka THEVOYCE


4zion (2003), Picture Perfect (Executive Producer 2005), StreetLight (2007)

Copyright © 2007, THEVOYCERECORDS, All rights reserved

Set List

40 mins set's containing

thevoyce - lyrical hotsauce/ rockin it

method man's "you're all i need"

thevoyce - gun trick
thevoyce - how im livin
thevoyce - the herb
thevoyce - hurtful words

krsone - step into a world

thevoyce - the future