The Voyces

The Voyces


A brand new, full-length album, "Kissing Like It's Love" was released by Planting Seeds Records on May 8th, 2007. Since "Kissing Like It's Love" first became available for pre-orders, it remained a bestseller at Barnes & Noble dot com.


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The Voyces released �The Angels of Fun� (2003), a mostly folk-oriented effort co-produced by Diego Garrido (The Simpsons, The Squid and the Whale). That same year The Voyces would receive their first bit of international exposure when one of their songs, �Relate To Me,� was included in Jack Johnson�s �Thicker Than Water� film and soundtrack.

2006 brought new band members Jude Kastle (vocals), Steve Dawson (guitar), and Eric Puente (drums). That same year, the band's music found its way into another feature film, National Lampoon�s Adam & Eve. Also, "Love Arcade," a compilation including many songs which had previously (widely) unavailable, was released.
(And look for music by The Voyces in the television series, �Monarch Cove.)

Since our newest album first became available for pre-orders, it remained on the top of the sales charts at Barnes & Noble dot com. (March 18th, #7 ~ overall sales; April 2nd, #3 ~ alternative sales chart.)


KISSING LIKE IT'S LOVE ( 2007) (Planting Seeds Records)

LOVE ARCADE (2006) Slapsad Records (Compilation)

Songs: Theatre Of Laughter
Rebby's Song

SUNSETS AND SILHOUETTES (2004) Planting Seeds (compilation)
Song: Don't Want To Go Back

THICKER THAN WATER (2003) Universal
(soundtrack and film)
Song: Relate To Me

THE ANGELS OF FUN (2003) Slapsad