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Pure Gospel, Pure Hip-Hop! Over 10 years of Rhyming and Making Beats...Then He gets saved...The only thing that changes is the message, and the hunger. Turn on the Radio to the Hottest New Artist, change his message, leave his beats and image: you should be hearing the VultchA ((no hype included))


Raised in the heart of East New York (Brooklyn's Hip-Hop Mecca), VultchA has been continually strived to re-write the definition of MC. In his own words he would be "just as much" producer as he is MC. His bedroom was once under local DJ (Howard Butler), his first mentor in the tools fo the trade. That had such a profound impact on his genre palatte. Equally comfortable at a Rock, Classical, Gospel, or a Hip-Hop concert, VultchA professes to have no influence but "Music".
Heavy influence from producers and artist like Kurtis Mantronik, Marley Marl, Ultramagnetic, Herbie Luv-bug Azor, and all the great pioneers of this art -has sustained him through the desert of today's fly-by-night beat makers. Truly yearning for the day's of yore, and hip-hop's golden age, he intends to be the monkey-wrench in the corporate cog of today's

"I knew Hip-Hop was something I had to be apart of the very first time I heard Rapper's Delight".

Self Described as a "former" Hip-Hop-ologist, he was that kid with the boom-box who should have been inside when the streets were empty. "I use to beg my mom's to buy those cheap, $1.99, 3-pack of Ultramagnetic , generic cassette tapes...and stay up all night long taping whatever rap-attack could be found on the radio. then, I be playing all the exclusives and memorizing the scratches for the next I made them".

Hip-Hop was part of Black culture. Now, it seems Hip-Hop is Black culture. The analogy is the difference between using a fork when your eating, or eating so you can use the fork. We are so focused on the fork (music) that we can't see the obesity in the business - the greed.


7" Dis Da' Program - Beenie Man Remix (Golden Cartel Records 1996)
Score and Soundtrack - documentary, ON THE ROPES (BMG/Milan Records 2000)