The Vultures

The Vultures


If you're still tired of searching for good bands in this millennium and have almost lost all hope then The Vultures are the band to make you believe. Catchy lyrics, witty melodies, mouth-watering harmonies, perfect percussion, the band is hungry for anything, bleeding ambition & sweating motivation


The Vultures have been a band since September of 2007. It all began with a song; Dividing Property. Reuben, Bryant, and Johnny “Irish” sat down and finished a song Reuben had started. That night, they performed at Lickety Split at 4th and South St. After being invited back and playing a 45 minute set with their newly added drummer James, the band has been writing and playing together ever since. Based in Philadelphia, The Vultures have been creating quite a buzz for themselves, booking shows anywhere they can. The Vultures have completed their demo aptly titled; Eat The Vultures – Spread It Like Mayonnaise and are in the process of recording their debut album; 43rd and Baltimore. Some of The Vultures influences are the Beatles, Led Zepplin, and Dispatch. The Vultures distinguish themselves from other bands by having three-part harmonies and three lead singers, who happen to write all of the songs.


Our first EP is called The Vultures Spread It Like Mayonnaise. we are currently working on our debut album, 43rd and Baltimore. You can find tracks from 43rd on our myspace at

Set List

Extra! Extra!
The Ballad of Danny and Mandy
Spaghetti and Apples
Oh My My
Doin' It Well
Dividing Property
I Live in This World
Here She Comes
American Punch
Run for the Money
43rd and Baltimore

Our sets can range from 20 minutes to 3 hours. We do some covers e.g. Stand By Me, Twist and Shout, My Girl, but we typically stick to the originals.