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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Interested In Reviewing?"

We would love to have our material reviewed! Feel free to request a copy if you wish to do so. - Contact Us!

"242 Main: South Burlington, VT"

"I crafted a clever little blurb about a “Canadian” ska band called The Waffle Stompers who were playing a show at 242 with local ska-punk outfit Husbands AKA who kick ass, by the way. It went a little something like this: Sunday, the basement bastion of bad-assery will be skankin’ like it’s 1997 with New Brunswick ska-punk ensemble The Waffle Stompers, who bear a striking resemblance to early Reel Big Fish, only, you know, Canadian. Comedic gold, right? (Ed. note: No.) Only one problem: The band ain’t Canadian. They’re from New Brunswick, New Jersey. This means, not only did I goof the biographical info, but I also missed a golden opportunity to rip on the Garden State. Curses! Still, I stand by my assertion that the dudes sound like a Canadian version of Reel Big Fish and that’s not a bad thing, really." - 7DVT

"Black on Black"

"Lets hear it once again for New Jersey. From the state that gives you Catch 22 and Streetlight Manifesto, may I present The Waffle Stompers. This seven piece outfit--straight outta New Brunswick--brings an infectious blend of ska and punk that makes me wax nostalgic for the 3rd wave. Sounding like a Thomas Kalnoky protoge with a mix of old LTJ, Black on Black is a fun, albeit short, walk through the ska punk park. This is the band's 3rd EP since 2005 and though I don't have any reference to the prior material, I really like what I'm hearing on the new release. On another continual note, bands that both rock and rock for fun and unity are all good in my book." --Jerry Actually, !upstarter - !upstarter

"Black on Black [2]"

"This 6-song EP is full of hard rock and heavy metal intertwined with a horn section, and packaged as "ska". If you shop at Hot Topic, you will probably think this band is the best thing since sliced bread."

-Andrew, Music Is Our Occupation - Music Is Our Occupation


Black on Black - 2008
(Featuring "Big" and "We Sleep When We Die" available on the EPK)
1. A Fleeting Moment Amidst the Noise
2. Why We Survived
3. We Sleep When We Die
4. Big
5. The Genius Behind Being a Fool
6. Sex Appeal

"Serious" Music Video - 2007
Directed and Produced by Marsh Chamberlain
Winner of Ithaca College Music Video Film Festival

Diet! The Waffle Stompers - 2007 [Acoustic]
1. This Cruel World
2. Glory
3. Fire And Icing
4. Serious
5. Black/Red

Back With Bigger Guns EP - 2006
(Featuring "Glory," and "We're Up To Something," both receiving airtime on 90.5 WCVH Flemington and 90.3 The Core in New Brunswick).
1. Rockin'
2. Smash Your Xbox (and the Nightmare Stops)
3. Glory
4. Fire and Icing
5. The Nag
6. We're Up To Something
7. Black/Red

Waff a lot Waff (a little more) - 2005
1. This is our Waffle Anthem
2. Serious
3. Garage Ska
4. This Cruel World
5. Swing Heil!
6. Mr. Everything



Performance. Personality. Perseverance. Alliterated or otherwise, The Waffle Stompers are good. Since their formation in the spring of 2005, TWS has played over 100 shows all over the northeast and mid-Atlantic regions, wow-ing audiences and developing a dedicated following from Knoxville to Boston. The live show is characterized by three part harmonies, a lot of sweat, and dancing.

For a taste of their personality, watch the music video for "Serious," directed and produced by Marsh Chamberlain (Cinema/Photography, Ithaca College). Released in December 2007, Chamberlain and the band were honored as the winners of the Ithaca College Music Video Film Festival.

This June, 2008 they released their third EP, Black on Black. It was recorded at Soundmine Recording with Producers Dan Malsch and Jarred Cannon.

They will continue to tour throughout the spring and summer to promote their latest release, as well as spark excitement for an upcoming full length, currently planned to be self released.

Please contact Ted by clicking the contact link in the left sidebar, or e-mail directly to with any questions or comments. We'd love to hear from you.