The Wager

The Wager

 Stanton, Texas, USA

When you combine huge melodic guitar riffs with passionate lyrics, an explosive live show, and passion for Christ, you get The Wager. Four people commited too seeing the love of God awakened in their generation.


"God is, or He is not. But to which side shall we incline? A game is being played.... What will you wager?
And you must wager. It is not optional. You are embarked. Which will you choose then? Let us see. Let us weigh the gain and the loss in wagering that God is. If you gain, you gain all; if you lose, you lose nothing. Wager, then, without hesitation that He is."

This quote from French philosopher Pascal's book, the Pensées, defines the passion of The Wager. Choosing Jesus above all else, no matter what the cost. The Wager formed just over a year ago, but its members felt God’s calling on their lives long before that.

Anna Smith(lead vocals) and Michelle Graves(drums) felt God pulling them in a musical direction a year before the band formed. Together throughout the summer of 2008, the two best friends prayed that God would send musicians their way, specifically a guitarist. They prayed for someone who loved the Lord, and who loved to practice. Around Christmas of the same year Anna began hearing loud sounds from across the hall. Her younger brother Scott had found the family guitar. He was soon turning off his video games and playing guitar more and more. He sat (and continues to sit) in his room for hours and hours each day practicing and perfecting the gift that God gave him.

Enter Michelle’s brother, Michael, who worked at a local coffee shop. While sitting around drinking coffee and listening to a local band play, the members of The Wager realized that God had put them together for a reason, and that they should get together and make music. So in April of 2009 they had their first show playing to a packed coffee house.

God continued to bless them over that summer when Michelle and Anna went to Camp Electric, a rock ‘n roll worship camp in Nashville, TN put on by Christian music legend, Toby Mac. They handed out the bands business cards to everyone who would take one. Michelle gave a card to her instructor, Taylor Carroll, drummer of the Christian rock band Pillar. Two weeks after camp, Taylor gave The Wager a call telling them him saw huge potential in them, and he came on board as the producer of their debut EP.

After a whirlwind year of making trips back and forth to Memphis and Nashville, TN to go into the studio and work with Grammy-award winning sound engineer David Hall(LeAnn Rimes, Fall Out Boy, Petra, Michael W. Smith) and Gotee Records recording artist Stephanie Smith (who sang background vocals on their self titled EP); and playing numerous shows around their community of Midland/Odessa Texas, The Wager is ready to expand their horizons and begin to tour.

Their music has been compared to high-brow recording artists such as FireFlight, Skillet, Paramore and Flyleaf. Combining edgy guitar riffs and hard hitting lyrics, The Wager hopes that their music will bring people to the throne of God.

"We all started playing music in a worship band, and that really shows up in what we play. We want people to connect with God." says lead vocalist Anna Smith. "God has really given us some amazing opportunities to share his love, and we are so blessed." This heart for ministry has given The Wager many opportunities to play in churches and for retreat weekends.

The Wager is four people, four lives, and one dream. To see the love of Christ awakened in their generation.


Forgive Me

Written By: Anna Smith

I have ignored you for to long.
We've grown apart,
Where did I go wrong?

I'm sorry for this mess that I've made

I need You to hold me
I need You to forgive me
Forgive me

I just keep going my own way
Why do I find it so hard to obey?


Written By: Anna Smith

You see me/my inside
You love me/despite what I try to hide
You speak/I follow
I'll run where ever you would have me go

Your love is what I need
Your love is what I seek
You died so my heart could beat
Your my heartbeat

You help me/overcome my past
Your love's/the only the lasts
You hear me/when I call
You pick me/up when I've fallen

You are the reason(3x)
My heart beats


Written By: Anna Smith

She wears her jacket in 100 degree weather
So you won't see her wrists and know she doesn't have it all together.
She won't talk about her scars
And daddy left when she was 3
Mommy and him not meant to be
And in this life so filled with hate
She's doing things her own way

You're the only one
Who can save her
You're the only one
She needs a Savior
Her broken heart crys out
but we can't hear her
You're the only one
She needs a Savior

Looks in the wrong places for love
Thinks she's not pretty enough
Gives the boys what they want
Cause she believes that she must
And when it's all said and done
And she's alone on the run
At the end of herself
God let her cry to you for help

I've done so much wrong
am i too far gone
for You to come down and save me
and who am I?
they say You gave up Your life
just to save me
Oh God, I need you

Morning to Break

Written By: Anna Smith

My heart is breaking
My spirit is aching
For your touch
I try to cry out
But I make no sound
I need your love

This night surrounds
I need You now
I'm in the dark
But you promised You'd hold my hand
On your promise I stand
I will wait, I will wait
For morning to break

Do You hear my prayer
I'm gasping for air
I need your touch
Bring me back to life
Show me your light
I need Your love

I'll just keep running
I wait for the morning
When Your joy comes

God of Paradox

Written By: Anna Smith

Destroyer, Rebuilder
Your the life bringer but you killed her
You love me, but hate sin
How can you when that's all that I've been?
You give things and you take them
and in Your time you see fit to break them.
Destroyer, Rebuilder

Father Savior
Your voice like thunder and wind
Servant Master
You are the still small voice within
Father, Savior
Servant, Master
You are...
God of Paradox

You are the still small voice within(3x)


Self Titled EP "The Wager" April 2010

Set List

Mighty to Save
God of Paradox
1000 People
Heart Beat
Morning Will Break
Oh How He Loves Us
Forgive Me
Take Me
Declaration of Dependence