The Wake

The Wake


The Wake is a product of five different people with five different styles that make great music with a solid sound. Each of us have dedicated ourselves to giving our fans a 100% at every show.


Garlands"The Wake" timeline

"I Met Drummer Shane Smith through my Roomate Derek Reese, I thought he was impressive. I went to a house party where his band played and was sold! I joined the band AKA . Adam , Shanes brother played Rythm Git-fidel and Sky Kingery played bass. We were house band at Madisons bar and grill and I found myself playin in a Bar before my 21st B day. Shhhs. I quit my job @ walmart to play weekends w\ AKA. Shortly after we lost Bass Player Sky . I wanted to stick w\ the knot the Smith brothers naturally had. A few weeks later I met singer songwriter Jeremy Havens @ the Speakeasy's Open mic night. I loved his voice and style, and wanted to throw him in the mix w\ the band but at that point we were complete. After Sky left the band we needed a swift decision to keep things flowing. I had been friends w\ Shaun Coburn for years. I thought of him as one of the most astounding Lead Guitarist I'd ever seen. I thought it would be interesting to throw Shaun and Jeremy in the mix but the missing piece was the bass. So being the problem solver I am I picked up a bass and went to work. I told the Smiths my plan and they decided to give it a shot. When all of us got in the same room it sparked the fire that became the Wake!!! So I hope you liked this lame and long ass bio and I hope you find this band entertaining. P S Don't Call me Judy!!"


One demo cd availible through our website

Set List

We have close to thirty originals. All of our own music is a mix or rock, alternative and acoustic.

We cover bands like Jimi Hendrix, Audioslave, DMB, CCR, Pearl Jam, and BlackFoot, you get the idea...rock'n'roll baby!

Your time has come You're Dead
It doesn't remind me Pretty Pity
Too Much Come My way
Train Train No More Sympathy
Fortunate Son Station
Water Wine Never Forever
Folsom Prison Arrested
Helter skelter Basic
Killing in The Name Of Everything V
Fortunate Son Overdose Me
Voodoo Child Open and Free
Been Caught Stealing Into The Fog
Not For Your Find Your Own
Cars Hiss By My window Drawing Board
Cabin Down Below YKTYM
Gloria Took