The Wake Effect

The Wake Effect


Depeche Mode, The Beach Boys, The Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, and Styx were all in a room together, got violently drunk, fought. and I won.


The Wake Effect is the pet project of singer-songwriter Michael Del Palazzo, in an effort to bring to life his original songs and sounds. While maintaining a full-time job, Mike began recording music in do-it-yourself fashion in early 2007. In a spare bedroom in the heart of the southern California desert, Del Palazzo started recording his self-described �Radiophonic American� sound. Layered vocal harmonies, fuzz distortion, acoustic guitars, and synthesizer loops come together in this unique brand of hook-laden rock. While Mike provided vocals and played all instruments, the Wake Effect�s full band sound was achieved by collaborating with on-line session drummer James Robinson. Del Palazzo wrote, produced, and released the music that came to be Step One in November of 2007. In order to disseminate his music to the widest audience; Mike designed an original interactive website for the free distribution of The Wake Effect�s music. Having played local venues as a one man show, Mike now plans to fill out The Wake Effect with a full band, and begin local touring in southern California in 2008.


Step One, the self produced debut album, is an
eclectic mix of a unique style of melodic rock,
laced with electronic and acoustic threads. It is
a project that is best described as �early Smashing
Pumpkins meets current Radiohead.� The Wake
Effect�s Step One spans the gamut from dreamy alt
rock, and spaced out electronica, to ghostly
acoustic ballads. Signature tracks include; Faith &
Fate, Dusted, Ten Things to do if I Live, and Lower
East Nowhere

Set List

Pretty much the whole album from start to finish, with all slow songs stepped up.