The Waking Alley

The Waking Alley


We're a metal rock act out of northern New Jersey. It's kinda like poppy deathmetal.


we're a poppy deathmetal band outta northern New Jeresy. Each member brings there own infulence to the band ranging from metal to death metal to rock to hip hop to regge. we don't use every one of those genres in our song writing but they definitly help the process.


one Self-Titled full length that we did ourselves in our singers basement. no airplay yet. also no singles. we have 2 or 3 tracks from the album on our myspace.

Set List

our set list usually consist of about 6 to 7 songs
Don't Kill The Messenger
Mr. Garity
No Use in Beating a Dead Horse
Inspite of You
The Jokes on You
Words of Choice