The Waking Point

The Waking Point

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Ambient sounds and soothing melodies fill the sonic landscape when you hear The Waking Point. The band doesn't shy away from harmonic dissonance or simple repeated patterns when writing a song. The Waking Point's music has been compared to Death Cab for Cutie and Coldplay.


The Waking Point is an indie pop band from Cincinnati, OH.

The band started as a creative outlet for Matt Hoffman (drums) and Mike Gaines (vocals/bass) in early 2009 after the break up of their former group, So At Last. Matt and Mike went on to write an e.p. with a rotating cast of local Cincinnati musicians. Later, Christopher High (guitar) was added as a permanent member of the group.

After competing as finalists in the 2010 Battle of the Band's at The Underground in Cincinnati, Matt decided to leave the band. Mike and Christopher went on to write new material with other musicians. This collaboration allows the band to fulfill its mission of inspiring individuals to create.

The Waking Point has enjoyed sharing the stage with local/regional bands such as- The Plastic Inevitables, Irela, Datum Point, A Wayward Heart, This Love, Brent Reed, and Danya; national acts have included Mike Mains and the Branches and Aaron Gillespie (The Almost/formerly drummer of Underoath).


"O, What A Love" from "Simply Christmas" e.p. (2009)
"Lifted" e.p. -The Waking Point (2010)

Set List

We can do sets ranging from 15 minutes to 60 minutes (or longer given enough warning).